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  • slimandme
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    Hi I would love to join to please. I have 15 lbs to go amd need to get back on track with healthier eating and loving myself xx
  • debiq71dd30
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    Hello, turning 45 in 2 weeks would love to join group. My goals are to rock a bikini in Cancun in August w/o covering up. At 5'4 140lbs 2 kids later my biggest trouble spot is my pouch belly & abs
  • mcdonagk
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    Hi all, would love join. I'm 42 yes old. My goal is to keep getting stronger and get my BF down to about15%. Iv gone from 27% to 19% in the last year while getting a lot stronger, however I'm stuck at about 19%. I started using mfp to help get me there.
  • Golbat
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    Did I join this yet? I'm 46, I'm a mom of two kids, and I'm trying to lose weight and get healthier. I was having trouble losing any weight at all, but my doctor recommended not worrying so much about fat and increasing my protein by quite a bit, and that's been making a big difference this time around.
  • sdereski
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    Hi all,
    @gam3rguy - congrats on completing the race! Nice job.
    @alf1163 - nice to see you again.

    Welcome to the new cool kids!

    Beeps - is it almost d-day? I keep thinking of you, and sending positive thoughts your way.

    We had our 16th annual Black Fly Run this past weekend. As race director, it is a very busy two days leading up to the race. We get our swag bags ready, start imputing all the registrations into the timing system. It was stressful as our race shirts and medals did not arrive until Friday at 4:30 p.m.! Packet pick up started 5, so we were racing to get the shirts into the bags.
    Despite all the crazy running around, it turned out very well again. The weather was hot for the runners, but great for the rest of us. We received many great compliments and thank yous. I was exhausted Saturday and literally vegged all day yesterday.

    So, some interesting health news. I went to see a naturopath that requested some thyroid testing done. When I was having my blood work, the phlebotomist was not sure what a couple of tests were, and "looked" them up. She thought they were to test for celiac disease. TShe asked if they were looking into "gut health" and, because I had discussed gut health with the naturopath, I said "yes". Turned out, it was a mistake and had to go back for further testing. BUT, the celiac test came back positive. Now, I have to go for further testing to make sure it is an absolute positive and not a false positive. The doc is pretty sure it is positive as the numbers were just too high. When I look at what some of the symptoms are, I do have a few of them. So, interesting. A test that was done in error actually can be the answer to lots of the issues / concerns I have been experiencing for the past several years. Only if it is in fact celiac disease, what a major life change that will be.
  • Sfurze76
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    I would like to join group is it a group I need to be invited to? where do I find it? I am trying to lose 40-50lbs and get back into shape
  • gam3rguy
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    "INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Volume 1 Strength"=Done!
  • Beeps2011
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    sdereski, celiac is a change....glad you are researching further.

    My tutor was found during an exam for something else....so, yeah, happy accidents!

    Today is my surgery. I can't sleep due to nerves. :( It will all be over In a few hours and the healing can begin. BOOM!
  • alf1163
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    Beeps, good luck on your surgery!!! Hugs!!!!
  • alf1163
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    @sdereski, things happen for a reason! Sending good vibes for you as well. It's probably a good feeling to at least have a diagnosis and start working on how to deal with it. Take care!

    Have a great day everyone!!!
  • alf1163
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    Sfurze76 wrote: »
    I would like to join group is it a group I need to be invited to? where do I find it? I am trying to lose 40-50lbs and get back into shape

    Welcome! No need to join a group just post away!!

  • narak_lol
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    Rode my bike for one hour 50 mins today. Will be gym work tomorrow, then rest on Thursday. Bike again on Friday. I think that's it!
  • gam3rguy
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    Pics are up. Most of mine suck. LOL!

  • gam3rguy
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    thanks sdereski! sorry about the celiac. I don't know much about it, but I know someone who has it. she has to have everything gluten free.

    good luck with your surgery Beeps! :)
  • sdereski
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    @Beeps2011 - prayers for a successful surgery.

    @alf1163 - yes, things happen for a reason, and as Beeps said, "happy accidents". Despite the major life change, I will be happy to have some answers. I have always said my fainting spells stem from my stomach. Hmmmm.

    I finally got out to weed my flower garden. I was darn near eaten alive by black flies, Holy moly, I was covered, despite practically bathing in fly repellent. Got it done though!

    Have B&B guest arriving today and am full the rest of the week. My friends from California arrive next week. Am looking forward to enjoying some time off with them. I will be running though, as we are supposed to be "training".
  • jaenetty37
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    Hi everyone, I would like to join too. I am 42 and just recently came back after finishing up with a late in life Master's degree. lol. done, and now I can concentrate on getting my weight into a manageable range. I am hoping to lose 50+ pounds. I have let myself get way too heavy. I am powered up and ready to rock it. Just need to find a way to carve out dedicated time to working out. Hope to talk to many of you soon! Cheers!
  • tojo_73
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    @beeps. Good luck with the surgery
  • jenlaw71
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    Hi all! Haven't posted lately - life has been hectic to say the least........

    Got serious about getting in shape in February of this year
    March 30 had complete hysterectomy w/complications that put me back in the hospital 1 night and then 1 night in ER
    Came back to work first of May
    Inherited a TON of new responsibilities at work - which I'm loving!!!
    Due to a complication of March surgery - scheduled to have my gall bladder removed July 7 - EEK!!!!

    I've been sticking to my diet and workout plan as much as I can.....obviously after my first surgery I was stuck in bed/gym restriction for 5 weeks.....ate a lot of "comfort" food :(

    No junk food in 2 weeks tho - feeling proud and even loosing the craving for it
  • Golbat
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    I'm going on a road trip for several days and I have to keep on track while traveling. I am confident I can do it though. I'll bring breakfast and lunch stuff with me (our hotel will have a fridge) and I'll be careful when I'm eating dinner out. And then if I have trouble, at least it's only one meal.
  • 3furballs
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    @Beeps good luck with surgery.

    @sdereski not that I'm happy you have celiac (maybe), but I'm glad there is hopefully an answer to your symptoms.

    I'm still doing the same old thing. I did however just grade in self defence and now have a green belt!

    I finally got down to 144 (still aiming for 140), I've been bouncing from 144-147. Now we're into beer season so not sure of my chances of getting to 140!