Fat Shamed at Grocery Stores

Here's the situation. I am obese based on BMI and I decided to make a change for my health. I just joined a gym and have been going there every week. I have also been cutting out the junk food and making home cooked meals. I was feeling pretty good about this.

I live in a VERY small town. There are 2 grocery stores here. Last month, when I went shopping for food, the cashier told me, "If I were as fat as you, I wouldn't eat at all. They aren't paying me enough to deal with seeing people like you."

After that, I did not feel comfortable going into that store and have been shopping at the other store. Yesterday, I went there to buy bread. That's all I bought - a loaf of bread which seems pretty normal to me. The cashier (I think new) told me, "No wonder you're fat if all you eat is carbs."

Now I feel highly uncomfortable going to both stores. It is an hour's drive to the nearest grocery store. What if the same thing happens there?

Also, fat shaming doesn't make me stop eating (why would I stop eating altogether anyway, it doesn't make any sense). I'm embarrassed, but after what the cashier told me yesterday, I ordered pizza and cake to comfort eat.

Do you get fat shamed too and do you have a thick skin or are there any tricks to avoid this?


  • CoffeeandCats2
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    I"m just so embarrassed to go back even to that first store even though it happened a month ago. Actually more like 2 months ago. I know I didn't do anything wrong but I feel so ashamed to go back in there. I guess I do need to be more assertive and confident.
  • rosfk
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    This makes me so sad. Not only that you were hurt so badly but that people think it is acceptable to make judgements in that way. I can understand the embarrassment that would stop you complaining at the time, but I would urge you complain at some point. Even explaining in your letter that you were too hurt and embarrassed to get in touch sooner. And next time, a simple "Thank you very much for your concern about my health. Have a nice day" may be enough to shut the bullies up. Rise above and do this for you! We're here for support (though I can't get your groceries for you as I live thousands of miles away :smile:
  • tiptoethruthetulips
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    C'mon, this has to be a wind-up. That kind of behaviour would be an instant dismissal if reported to the management.

    I did/do suspect a certain poster but until there evidence indicating as such I am giving the benefit of the doubt.
  • marm1962
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    Why oh Why does this crap never happen to me???!!!!