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    filbo132 wrote: »
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    filbo132 wrote: »
    I used to be very skinny, I remember my arms being just bones, no here is my before and after picture. I would like to say Good job all of you, you are all an inspiration.

    @filbo132 Great job! I know how difficult it is to put on mass, so congrats! You're a BABE!

    Thanks and yes, gaining weight is as tough as losing. I had to eat (mainly clean food) when I was full, not a fun experience, but it works because now I am at an ideal weight and physique.

    You are a similar type as me, except I was obese before Your before ;)
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    projectsix wrote: »
    This is a long journey (years) but from ~40%+ body fat, down 100+ lbs to my leanest probably 7-8% here?

    Edit: Sorry for the undies.

    Dude, you're a real inspiration. I was wondering if I would have any loose skin at the end of my journey (lost 77lbs and still have 30ish to lose) but I had a similar body than yours before your weight loss and it makes me feel that although I don't necessarily want to be that lean, that I might not end up with any loose skin !

    Congrats mate ! That is an unbelievable transformation !
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    How do u add photos?
  • slinky_shaz
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    sorry for the nakedness but i am so pleased !
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    Started back on my weight loss journey in January this year. So far, I've lost 20 lbs and have a least 10-20 more to reach my final goal.

    You look fantastic. I have a major problem with loose skin around my midsection when I bend or sit a certain way. It's better than it was but not great. Yours looks firm. Any pointers you could share with me?
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    yasef13 wrote: »
    1triciakae wrote: »
    324 ish in 2014 to now 179 I have a few pounds until goal.
    OMG!! This is so inspiring! Look at your legs!!! They are so thin! My legs look like your before picture even after 40+ lbs lost. This gives me hope, that maybe one day soon, if I persevere I will not have 'thunder thighs' anymore.
    Thank you and congratulations on your amazing loss.

    Sorry I just now replied. Thank you so much. Good luck with your own journey.
  • 120poundstogo
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    Nice progress u all!
  • 120poundstogo
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    Great job everyone!
  • 120poundstogo
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    U all look great!
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    Most recent shot! -20lbs
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