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    I hope it's ok to jump in on this thread. I'm relatively new to MFP. I would love to offer support to anyone who needs it, and hope to get encouragement to keep going as well. Please feel free to friend me. I am a 56-year old married mom (33 years) to 4 + 3, and a grammie to 1.5 :smile: I work full time as an office manager, take online university courses, quilt and live 8000 miles away from my husband which is kind of weird, not the ideal but we do the best we can under the circumstances. I spent last year in Abu Dhabi with him, but decided I needed to be back here in Las Vegas, closer to the family. My goals for August are pretty simple:

    1. Log my food every single day, every single morsel.
    2. Exercise at least 5 days per week and continue upping the duration every other day or so.
    3. Force myself to strike up a conversation with a stranger at least once per day (trying to be better about putting myself out there instead of hiding behind my fat)
    4. Finish my road trip quilt that I started last fall - this is a quilt for ME... I am usually making them for someone else.


    :)Susie, we are delighted to have you become part of our friendly community....you have quite a challenge with your husband so far away...the exact opposite of my challenge which is that my husband had surgery a month ago and is with me 24/7 and I have no time by myself.

    1056287i3zmwzup2m.gifStats for today:
    17,000 steps
    185 minutes of dog walking
    30 minutes puttering in the garden

    :) Barbie from beautiful sunny NW Washington

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    Did 10 minutes of yoga, then 2 min 50 sec of bicycles along with some stretching for the lower back, then the extremepump class. The plan for tomorrow is to do a Tracie Long Defining Back DVD. Not sure what that one's all about, but I'll find out....

    janetr - congrats on that squat and especially on that NSV

    Lenora - walking along the beach is usually more work than walking on pavement (or on a treadmill). My phone probably can do lots of other things, but I honestly only use it for pictures, sometimes to read my email, keep all my store loyalty cards on, keep my shopping list on, a timer if I need it for HIIT, I do have MFP's app but find I use that a lot more on my tablet.

    Re - I just eat the purple potatoes just like the white ones, no difference in the taste or anything. they're probably higher in antioxidents since they're a darker color, but other than that, no difference. I always look for "different" things at a farmers market, like the purple potatoes or the golden beets. The only time I ever got a skateboard under control was when we do the "skateboard" in water aerobics...lol

    Lisa - ROTF...a turkey! How right you are!

    Karen from BC - congrats on your daughter's wedding! I bet she was absolutely beautiful. Is there a special reason you're going to Ethiopia?

    nddavis - welcome!

    Karen in VA - today was the last time Vince would have to take me to the extremepump class. Actually, I had the seizure Feb. 2 so tomorrow will be 6 months. To be honest, I'll most likely wait an extra day just in case, god forbid, something were to happen, the insurance company would split hairs. Wednesday I know that I'm home free. I've already planned what I'm going to do. First go to the deep water class, then go to the Salvation Army then to Bi-Lo if need be (the circular comes out tomorrow so I'll know then)

    Oh, did I tell you that Jessica scraped my car when she was leaving yesterday? she pulls out of the garage so fast, and she just cut the corner a bit too sharply. Her bumper met mine. There is no way I would go to the insurance co. and tell them my daughter hit my car. What I'll probably do is take it in for an estimate. Vince said that he's looked online and he's going to see if he can repair it. The biggest problem will be to get the paint since the car is a 2007. If we need to go to insurance, I'll just say that I was parked and someone cut the corner too short. I won't mention the fact that I was parked in my driveway! But it may never come to this

    melanie baton rouge - haven't seen you in a long time. What's up? Glad you're back

    I learned (again) how very important it is to log EVERYTHING. I was cooking the sausage and cheese for what I'm taking to Mexican Train tomorrow night and, of course, I had to have some. I didn't log it and the Wii gave me a gain today. Oh well... I'm thinking that I'm getting a bit tired of Mexican Train and just need to take some time off. vince seems to really like it. So I'll go this month but think I'll skip next month. then probably go in October but skip November and December since I'll be busy with the holidays.

    Janeanne - happy (really) early birthday. Glad to have you aboard

    katla - so sorry you missed your time

    April - pilates is gentle. It does work a lot on your abs but also stresses your back (which you need to work, you need to work the opposing muscles). Many times you work legs, too. You usually don't work a lot of arms or shoulders. I bet if you were to check out some utube videos on pilates, you could get a better feel for if it's something for you or not.

    Exercised, then went to bowling, then ceramics where I worked a bit more on my seaturtle. I sure hope it doesn't shiver when it's fired. Then went to mahjongg. This is the last time Vince will need to take me/pick me up!!!

    Re - good for you getting to the gym. I like the crock pot, too. Have you ever used those crock pot liners? I tried it once and I'm in love. You'll get that plank down yet.

    Katie - one of the gals at mahjongg tonight brought some figs from her tree. Boy, were they ever good!

    Beth - I swear, the hardest part of raising a child is letting them fall on their face when you know what'll happen but letting them find out for themselves and then being there to pick them up.

    Liz - tell us more about pickleball. I've heard of it, that it's something not as high impact as tennis, something that a "senior" can easily do. Let us know, OK?

    mary from MN - take care

    Lenora - enjoy the DVD's!!!! I've never really wanted a tattoo, either. For my 40th birthday (waaaaayyy back when) I thought it would be so so cool for me to get a second piercing in my ears. Now I deeply regret having done it. Jessica is a real good artist. Please don't ask me where she got it from -- I can't draw a straight line with a ruler. You should see some of the things she's done

    Melanie - LOL = laughing out loud. ROTF = rolling on the floor.

    Susie - welcome! Jump right in, the water's fine

    Michele in NC
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    Re in TX
    I don't think I'm a "legend", but I am that lady who came in to exercise on crutches, on scooters, in casts, on a walker...so they enjoy telling people about me. Oh, wait...I guess that is a bit, umm, legendary. :tongue:

    Karen in Virginia and miakoda40 Thanks, ain't she perdy? I ground my coffee and brushed my teeth, skating around my apartment this morning. :lol:
    Re in TX , she's a longboard, only for "cruising" around, no fancy tricks. :wink:

    April in Livermore I eat up to 40 grams of 'net' carbs on any given day--usually under 30, actually--but I do have more protein than some ketogenic dieters...my percentage of calories from fat is usually between 62 and 70. I register moderate ketones with the test strips, usually.
    It helped my migraines immediately. I was having a couple migraines a week, often multi-day migraines, and as soon as I got into ketosis, I just didn't have any, for five months... until I screwed up a couple of different days in the same week and ended up then taking a whole weekend off. Then, that next Monday, boom! migraine, albeit a mild one. I stayed above 70% fat/below 5% carbs for a few days after that, and then back to my usual. I've had no symptoms since then. I get more than one kind of migraine, too...perhaps three? It either controls them all, or I've been very lucky, so far. :wink:

    I'll probably get scarce again until the weekend, Lovely Ladies...but I read your posts when I can; I'm just too tired most evenings, to do them justice with proper responses.
    Happy August; let's do this! :heart: :smile: :flowerforyou:
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    Mary hope you are okay!

    Joyce I would day because diabetics have to be careful about inflammation. It might be a place to start. Foods high in omega 3 are good for inflammation too. Since I started having fermented food everyday I rarely get sick and I have had a very stressful year. The fermented foods I have are yogurt with no sugar and Kombucha.

    :heart: Margaret
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    We arrived back home late afternoon today from Denver and the 50th anniversary celebration of my sister, Katy, and her husband. She's two years older than me. She is the 3rd of my sisters to celebrate 50 years of marriage, the next sister has only 1 1/2 years to go to reach 50 years also. My 2nd to the oldest sister passed away when she was 60, they had been married 38 years at the time. Sooo I'm the only one of six that didn't find the right husband the first time around, or the second, but as the saying goes "third time's a charm" :)

    We had a beautiful time in the Rocky Mountains and visiting my oldest daughter and granddaughter. The evenings by the river were cool and glorious. How I wish I could have bottled up some of that cool, fresh air and brought home to Oklahoma with me. We arrived to 99 temp with a heat index of 104 and HOT wind blowing that felt like a huge furnace blowing in your face. Welcome home!!! However, I would NOT trade the hot sun and wind for the horrible traffic that now exists in Denver. Ugh, what a mess.

    Below is a pic of my sister and her husband at their 50th Anniversary celebration. This is the one who lost her only son at age of 29 in a head on car crash and whose grandson (27) died in February of this year. She has had manic depression for 40 years, has tried to commit suicide numerous times and almost succeeded twice, had pancreatic cancer and went thru extensive surgery, chemo and radiation treatments. She is a fighter and I love her to pieces.

    I'll try to collect my thots and tomorrow post my resolutions for August. I love you ladies and cherish your strength and encouragement.

    Janetr OKC

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    Janetr - Lovely photo! You have a strong family resemblance. She is indeed a fighter! I hardly know anyone who has come through pancreatic cancer. <3

    My yoga friend is coming this morning for a session together. We usually do a fairly vigorous hour and then have a cup of tea and a chat. DH has to get off at 1pm for cricket with his evening picnic as it is a one day game. Luckily, he is more than capable of making his own. <3 I can catch up on "Brooklyn", which I think some of you have seen. I have read the book.
    Before my friend comes I am going to do some kettlebell swings. :D:D

    Tonight will be another no alcohol day. That will be three in a row. o:)

    Picked up a Barbacoa-beef recipe from skinnytaste.com yesterday. Linked it to my son who I bought the Instant Pot for. He loves the pressure cooker feature and uses it all the time. You can also do it in a crock pot. I bought 4 tins of the chipotles in adobo sauce from Amazon. I think I am going to drag my old pressure cooker out of the cupboard and order a new seal and valve.
    Anyone who doesn't know skinnytaste.com, I highly recommend it. A good few of us swear by the Easy Crustless Spinach and Feta Pie. Zucchini tots are also great.

    Must go, I have the living room to tidy and hoover.

    Love Heather xxxxxxxxxx
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    Janetr - lovely photo, it must be nice to have sisters, I only have 2 brothers.

    Hello to all other newbies
    I am off to Birmingham today to see my DD and family. They are moving house soon so will be sorting and packing. I will have to try hard to keep eating in check as DSIL cooks large portions of everything, they are vegetarian so that helps.

    Heather - What size kettlebell would you recommend to start, I workout with 5lb handweights every other day but would like to try kettlebell

    Everyone have a great day will try to keep up with posts while I'm away
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    GodMomKim wrote: »
    Karen - it is my right arm, which has had a muscle injury - bicep most likely - while I do have insurance it has a co-pay and high deductible ( big improvement of 4 years without health insurance) so instead of going in I have been working with a friend who is a physical therapist, and she says no tear, probably just a strain... and to go s l o w...

    Ah! Golly, Kim, how do you do all you do with a bicep injury? You are blowing me away right now. Must be your non-dominant arm? But still...I cannot imagine climbing over a wall to get to work every morning ( :D ), hauling equipment about, gardening, walking dogs, hiking...etc, etc, etc, that you do every single day...with an injured bicep. My new hero. I guess you could try the one handed swings, but you might come out lopsided.

    Janetr OKC Your sister could be your twin! She is lovely. And quite the survivor. Very admirable.

    Michele I am so glad for you to be able to drive again. Tomorrow, then? My car wouldn't start Saturday so it's been in the shop, needed a new compressor and a new battery...so we have been down to one car, and I felt a bit put out...then I reminded myself to be GRATEFUL that I could get into ANY car and just drive off to do what I needed/wanted to do, unlike my friend Michele. The things I take for granted. Working on that.

    Larisa She is beautiful, indeed, and she complements the green outfit you are wearing in that picture.

    Karen in Virginia
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    Trying to shake the glums after getting too deep in an article yesterday about a teacher who set up a video tape in the bathroom in an elementary school and was posting child porn up online, set to music. He's in jail, under federal charges--he is a foreign national, hired under the H1b visa program, and the second of those in a year to end up in jail--it's a tough place to get teachers, but the inability to do a good background check internationally will kill that program. We have enough home-grown perverts in this country, don't need to ship them in.

    Anyway... scrubbing out my brains to get rid of that, so I can find my sense of humor again, and get my op-ed written. Love y'all.

    Lisa in West TX

    Oh - and Barbie--thank you once more for this safe haven for all of us. I "talk" to y'all every day, even when I don't post.
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    Morning Ladies~
    im up and walked the dogs and gave them there meds and they are deciding not to eat there breakfast. so it will go back in the fridge...long day today 7:30-6 and feel bad for my friend Zina who is on vacation down at the shore this week, the weather hasn't been the greatest...
    Tom having a heck of a time with Comcast down in Florida .. he doesn't have the patience with them, although they are giving him the run around... he is getting to the pool every day.. we are getting much needed rain daily..
    I have to go take a shower and get at it.. ta ta till tonight
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    Good morning!

    Barbie, I add my thanks and gratitude to all the others for keeping this discussion going and starting this month on an uplifting note!

    Pip, congratulations on the bike riding accomplishments!

    Charleen, one of the things I like so much about your quilts are the colors. I love how you use pops of contrasting colors to add to the energy.

    Becca, I, too, loved the article. I'm on a little plateau right now, and I realized that things are fine. I've lost 10 pounds in the last two months and I'm noticeably building muscle.

    NYKaren, Your savor goals are great!

    Carrie, Congratulations on your NSVs in losing clothing sizes and feeling healthy!

    My goals for August:
    1. Look for opportunities to have gratitude, take joy in, and savor what comes my way!
    2. Continue to find ways to build exercise into my work day. This is a struggle. Today I will use the elliptical and kettle bell.
    3. Continue to log every day.

    The next two weeks are going to be very busy. Lots of work, so goal 2 is critical.

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    :)Miriam, you are a super-hero to take on all those kids at once in your house...your daughters are beautiful

    :)Michele, I have an idea of how excited you are to drive again. Jake has been on driving restriction for only a month, so far, and I see how eager he is to get behind the wheel again.

    :)Janetr,[/b your sister is amazing...thank you for sharing her story.

    :)spikeyhair, watch the video of kettle bell swings and try it with one five pound hand weight to get your form right and get some perspective on how much heavier a weight you could manage. I do the swings but with a hand weight instead of a kettle bell.....my husband told me that he thinks kettle bell swings are dangerous so at Mary's suggestion, I started with a hand weight (dumb bell) and my husband doesn't realize I'm doing the same thing.

    :)Joyce,I have a friend who is on a diet to reduce inflammation and she has eliminated dairy, seeds, nuts, and eggs (and maybe some other things). It is very strict and limited but has helped her lose weight and reduce some significant symptoms.

    :) The electrician is coming this afternoon to replace the motors in the exhaust fans in both bathrooms and put new lighting in the ceiling of the kitchen and the hobby room.

    <3 Barbie
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    Miriam ... I can't think of anyone better for those two children to be with ... But you be certain to take care of yourself too!

    Janetr ... Strong family resemblance!

    Lisa ... Hoping you find lovely thoughts to replace the ugly ones.

    Lots to do today ...
    Beth near Buffalo
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    :) Not new at MFP. Off and on...
    Can't give myself too much goals for August, as I have an habit of not following more than 1 or 2 per week.

    Therefore, I would say my most important goal would be to journal my intake of food dayly.

    So here are my goals and I'll do my best to follow them but without being too pushy on me.

    1. Journal my 3 meals and exercises everyday.
    2. Walk with my dog 20-30 minutes per day or play with it.
    3. Enjoy a nice activity once a week (sunbathing, visiting museums, windowshopping, music listening in a park, festivals or just have a nice meal in a restaurant with a friend).

    Have a great day everybody from Montreal,Quebec.
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    Janet your sister and bil have been through a lot, what a fighter

    Miriam your little ones are so lucky to have you, I can just imagine how lively your house must be!!!!

    Susie welcome! Keep chcecking In with this group and logging it makes a difference.

    I realized that when under stress I totally am making good food choices, it is when the stress is over that I let down my guard and overeat! When the stress is over I tend to evaluate how well I handled or "fixed" a problem and then instead of accepting it, I start to go overboard with comfort food, fast food or nite time eating. All three of these behaviors, eating lots of carbs, salty foods and snacking at nite have meant the scale and my clothes are talking to me!!! This realization will help me return to better choices and stay in maintenance as many of you do.
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    Spikeyhair - I looked online and I read that, for women, much less than 8 kg (18lbs) is not worth doing. You could start with 6 kgs if you were worried. The swinging action is very much different to lifting. I tried the swings out with a 5 kg dumbell first before I bought a kettlebell, but the handle does make a big difference. Much easier.
    I've just done 3x10x18 kettlebell after my hour of vigorous yoga. I found the one legged forward bends in yoga very hard to start with this morning (I have terrible hips) and I am hoping the kettlebell is not making them worse. By the end of my practice I could do them again fine, so I hope it's just general stiffness and the wet weather. I would hate to have to give up the kettlebell now, but my hips have been worse recently. I will keep going and hope it will improve as I strengthen.

    I have been trying to persuade my yoga friend to start on MFP. She said she would "look at it". :) She doesn't have a lot to lose, maybe 14 lbs or so, but a recent operation on a skin cancer on her leg stopped her walking for a while and she hasn't shaken the excess off. She is 72 and fairly fit, but if you don't use it, you lose it.

    I can have exactly what I like for dinner tonight as DH is at cricket. :D I am defrosting king prawns and will have them with HOT, green, Mexican salsa. :drinker: Throw in a few extra veggies. No alcohol.
    My spiced Rebellion rum arrived today, which I ordered while I was at DS's and we raided his drinks cupboard. Delicious, but I have put it in the cupboard and that is where it will stay for now. o:)
    I have also ordered replacement bits for my 46 year old pressure cooker. I do have replacements, but they are 30 years old !!! Not to be trusted. Going to make the Barbacoa-beef when the chipotle tins arrive.

    Much love to all. Miriam, you are amazing! We are having the DGC next week for two days and I know it will wear us out! I bought a new duvet set (jungle) for DGD, as she is graduating from the cot, and a crazy bouncy ball. We will be making and icing biscuits (I bought fresh icing pens and gold balls) and going to the zoo, which is only a few miles away. Thinking about what cereal to buy for breakfast.

    Heather, in the gloomy south of England.
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    Thanks everyone for the comments on my sis. When I saw the picture I posted last week with me on the rock by the river in CO, I said to Jack why is Katy in my picture. Lol.

    Heather, I agree the odds of surviving pancreatic cancer are bleak, but she has been declared cancer free for the last two years. Thankfully.

    Well I'm grateful to say thhat I've pretty much maintained my weight this month. Up a few down a few, seems to be the way of it for me. I must get going and unload the motor home before the heat gets unbearable.

    Resolutions fot August:
    Stop mindless snacking in late evening ( still struggling with this)
    Continue weight resistance work 3 times a week
    Add kettlebell workout 5 days a week (treadmill is pretty much out for a while as it is in the garage and it gets too hot). I will use stationary bike inside.

    Janetr okc. <3