Is there anything you don't bother to log?



  • JeromeBarry1
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    I don't bother to log water after the 64th oz consumed. My daughter seems to have lost one of my measure spoons so I'm not measuring my spices. I'm just shaking it out of the box. Last night I got home later than I had hoped and did not want to prepare my planned dinner, but I did not want to have a calorie or sodium excursion either, so I selected some low- and no-sodium things to consume in the general direction of nutrition for my needs and logged the rough information on the cans and packages while weighing only the apple. Yesterday was the first day I became aware that my weight loss journey has crossed into the Overweight range of BMI below 30, and I didn't want to put the train in 'reverse' just yet.
  • punkrockgoth
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    Unsweetened coffee, tea, water. Also hot sauce, spices, the little bit of cocoa powder I shake into my smoothies, mustard. Sometimes I log soy sauce and nutritional yeast, sometimes I don't bother.
  • rachelr1116
    rachelr1116 Posts: 334 Member
    I don't log 0 calorie drinks (water, tea, black coffee, diet soda), mustard, spices, gum, or mints. I log salsa and hot sauce but I don't really measure it out, I usually just log whatever 1 serving is. Also, when I'm scooping something out with a spoon I will usually lick the spoon and log any additional calories for what I scooped with said spoon.
  • sarahlifts
    sarahlifts Posts: 610 Member
    Splenda, crystal light and sugarfree chewing gum that's it
  • missemmibelle
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    I log everything, including my peppermint tea (0 calories) and my multivitamin.

    But then, my diet isn't incredibly complicated.
  • BoxerBrawler
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    I don't log some condiments, black coffee or black tea (most of what I drink has no calories anyway), sugarless gum, most of the items I log I over-log so it guarantees me with a nice deficit at the end of the day. If I should have that small piece of chocolate or a cookie or something I consider it a wash :smile:
  • faidwen
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    I guess if you don't log sodium intake, then you don't need to log soya etc.... :)
  • st476
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    No I log everything, even diet soda/zero calorie drinks and gum lol. Diet soda mostly so I just know how much I drank that day and because diet soda has a good amount of sodium and I like to track sodium just in case in gain weight so I can go back and see what made me retain water. I feel like you should log the oil spray though because it says 0 calories on the can but its actually around 10 calories for a 1 second spray. I'm sure you know that already but I didn't, I thought it was 0 calories before lol. :smile:
  • b3achy
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    I don't log spices that get added on the fly when I'm cooking one or two servings of something. If I have a recipe in my list, I've already added the approximate spice amounts. Also the occasional taste test ("licking the spoon") when making a big batch of chili or spaghetti sauce gets a pass to being logged. Pretty much everything else, I log, even zero-low calorie drinks and condiments.
  • srecupid
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    I log most stuff but when I find myself weighing out my sauerkraut the other day and stuff like that I can probably skip. I'm starting my day with a mile walk and work a physical night job while set to sedentary so it should work itself out.
  • DonM46
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    No logging for spices, medications, tasting, water.
    Everything else, yes.
  • vixtris
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    I don't log cooking spray, gum, and anything that the nutrition label says is 0 calories.
  • akamran1
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    I don't log water, black coffee, oil spray, condiments (unless mayo), or gum. That would drive me crazy. I also don't log my tea with 2 tablespoons milk (avg) and 1 tsp sugar, because I'm going to drink that no matter what.

    I like the idea of quick-adding some calories to account for overage, will have to start doing that!
  • LittleChipin
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    edited August 2016
    Options're supposed to log spices?!
  • janejellyroll
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    Options're supposed to log spices?!

    They have calories (albeit not many) so some people choose to log them for greater accuracy. As to whether or not you are "supposed" to, that's an individual choice. Many people successfully lose without logging them.
  • AnnPT77
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    I don't log zero calorie teas, or most spices.

    When I was first starting out, over a year ago, I checked out most of the teas/spices I use regularly & in larger quantities; I logged those that had calories. For some reason, I've never logged the lemon or lime wedges I often put in my (cold) matcha tea, even though I log the tea. That seems completely irrational to me, but that's what I do. ;)

    The tea is only 2 calories, but it's saved as part of a regular meal, 1/4 of a lime is maybe 5 calories! LOL

    I do log some zero-calorie things just because I want to be able to look back at history & see that I ate them - mostly things I add for nutrition reasons, not just because they're tasty (even though they are - life is too short for not-tasty food).
  • Junenox
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    If it has no calories I don't log it. I also don't log my one cup of coffee a day, but I do log my creamer.