How often do you eat treats?



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    I never dropped things like ice cream - I just eat it 1/4 cup at a time. Same with any other food. I eat what I want but a piece or two of candy, half a piece of cake, one or two cookies . . . . All the taste and I realized I don't even want more than that. It's been 4 years.
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    I've been maintaining for over three years with no logging...I don't have any rules for how often I have treats...I do eat a very nutritious diet for the most part and I cook from scratch at home most of the time and basically have a "treat" when I feel like having a "treat". Maintenance is pretty easy when you're good livin' most of the time...eating well and exercising on the regular.

    The only thing I really watch with some vigilance is eating out. We have pizza night once per month and that's it...I'd love to do them more often, but I don't tend to do well with just having a slice or two and eating out in general I don't do well with eating only part of my I just regulate how often I do these things and cook at home mostly and brown bag breakfast and lunch.

    Pizza night is never a night that I can control calories. It is the main food that I save for special times, too.

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    As long as the calories allow it, and I can't refuse it. I'll grab a bite and walk and do something around the house, until the craving goes away. No need to make dessert a meal if you don't need to. I picked at a cheesecake and a coffee last night, then through a football in between. It taste & feels good to do stuff in between eating a sweet. It's like your in a different world.
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    Twice a day I have 100-150 calorie treat and I have it during my munchie times which is after lunch and before dinner and after dinner.
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    Ice cream or dark chocolate, daily.
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    Just ate a dark chocolate mini kit kat.. I am going for my second one right now!
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    everyday always gotta have my treats and snacks
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    Wolfena wrote: »
    If you can fit the treat into your daily calories then have one every day!
    I engage treats a few times per week. That's it!

    I can't just moderate such times, or it's no treat. See folks, I don't want just a cookie; I want a dozen
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    Twice daily, after lunch and after dinner.
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    Everything I eat is a treat ;)
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    Too often. Just got back from coldstone now i'm 200 over. But, I probably walked 5 miles today while set to sedentary so hopefully it balances out
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    Daily. Sometimes the treats are bigger; sometimes it's a serving of ice cream or some chocolate. All depends on my calories remaining for the day and/or how badly I want it. Ice cream is usually the daily treat, though.
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    Having sugar cinnamon popcorn and a brownie in a few minutes. Excited!!
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    most days
  • Honestly, hardly ever. Family parties maybe, and that's not often. Maybe 1-2 timea a month...MAYBE
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    I eat what I like if it fits within my macros/calories..if that's cookies or something else I'm having it! I do tend to go for healthier choices..but never deny myself.
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    Eating a "treat" everyday is not a treat:

    noun: treat; plural noun: treats

    1. an event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure.
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    I'm not yet at maintaining, but I'm down 108lbs, with the help of WLS.

    I eat healthy most of the time and I exercise 5-6 days a week (running, step class and aquafit).

    How often do you treat yourself? Sweets, treats, pastries, fast food etc. Once a month? Week? Day?

    Just curious what is "normal" for most people who are at their goal weight. Sometimes I have a small treat each day but then I feel like it's too much and I should aim for once a week... I want to keep the weight off but I don't want to restrict to the point that I start needing to eat more junk than necessary.

    Sweets, treats, pastries, etc.: almost everyday.
    Fast food: RARELY. I don't like eating out very much, so I only really eat fast food when people invite me to a fast food joint *and* I feel like eating some.

    Packerjohn wrote: »
    Eating a "treat" everyday is not a treat:

    noun: treat; plural noun: treats

    1. an event or item that is out of the ordinary and gives great pleasure.

    If I go by THAT definition, then rarely. I guess birthdays, holidays, and special events generally offer specialty goodies I don't usually eat, like my mom's special macaroni casserole on Thanksgiving.
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    Everyone is completely different here. I'm down 110 pounds, myself, and working on how to keep it off.
    The term "treat" can mean so many things. For me, my DAILY "treat" is a nice coffee with sugar free creamer and a little stevia. The hot/sweet combo satisfies the small cravings for sweets that I have.

    I allow myself other treats based on if they are worth it or not. So, store bought dry cookies - nope. Not worth it.
    Homemade chocolate chip cookies - YEP. Factor them in. I'm not the sort that needs ice cream or the equivalent every day to be happy. Some folks NEED that, and they fit it in.

    I have certain entire days were I don't track anything, like major holidays, and I have occasional meals were I don't track just that meal. Like birthdays, date nights, social gatherings, etc. If I eat it alone, I track everything. It's only social meals where I do otherwise. That's to avoid certain triggers that I have.

    So, basically, I eat to my WL calories the vast majority of the time, but allow for a little fun a few of times a month. The nice thing is that you get to choose how to make this whole calorie in-calorie out thing work best for YOU. Think long term satisfaction, not just maximum weight loss in the NOW.

    My Plan works for me.