Weight loss and alcohol



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    I have cut down on my consumption of alcohol and when I do I drink maybe once a week. I'll have a "skinny" margarita. I don't drink soda's so I like to have flavored vodka and water!
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    I drink vodka and diet coke. It averages out about 60-70 calories per drink. I log alcohol as I would food. It doesn't stop me losing weight.
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    I drink a few beers a week. Not too many, maybe 1-4. I noticed that Coors Light has way less calories than my favorite (Beck's), so sometimes I go with that one now to save calories or be able to drink more. Everything gets logged before I consume it, so it's planned and fits into the diet. Some days there is no room for beer, so I don't drink or I go for a walk to fit it in. Maybe you can find a light wine (with less sugar) and always have it on hand, so you don't get tempted by other wine.
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    I have lost weight while consuming alcohol before. But, I have found that in order for me to reach my goals I have to cut it out completely with the exception of special occasions.
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    drunkorexia is real.


    That's when you drink all of your calories - all booze, no food. No bueno.
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    Luckily for me, I haven't gotten drunk munchies in years. The alcohol itself fills me up. I do usually only drink on special occasions though. I've heard that Skinny Girl is a great brand for dieting. As for beer, they say to go for light beer. I've tried that Canadian 67, and I didn't get anything from it. I realized I'm better off having less normal beer for the same calories of how many 67s I had... I always log my alcohol. Sometimes I go over, but then I know to plan better next time.
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    Right now, I am working on limiting my beer and/or wine to either 1 12oz/pint beer or 1 6oz glass of wine each night. However, I may be changing that to only allowing myself to drink the above ONCE i have exercised that day for 30+ minutes.
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    I, personally, will probably never quit drinking alcohol. I don't drink it often, but on weekends, social events, bbq's, etc. you will likely find me with a beer in my hand. I switched to ultra-light beers (which suck for the most part, so I add lime juice), but occasionally I'll get into the flavored rums and that pretty much derails me for a day or two. Last weekend it ended up being most of a bottle of Rum Chata and Root Beer lol. Man that stuff is good. I never was a hard alcohol drinker, just don't have the stomach for it, so it's either beer or mixed drinks of some sort. I try to stay away from the mixed drinks except on special occasions or holidays. Ultra-Light beer is easy enough to log and keep under control (it's generally around 100 cals per bottle). BBQ just doesn't taste the same unless you get to drink a beer or two while cooking it!
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    drunkorexia is real.


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    So my weight loss journey is going quite well so far. I could not be any happier with my daily routine and the results I have seen so far.

    My only setback seems to alcohol. Ideally I'd like to abstain from drinking completely, however I don't foresee this going as planned. I love wine and I have already spent this last weekend throwing back so much beer and whiskey lol.

    Does anyone have any advice or experiences they'd like to share? Or diet friendly alcohol suggestions?

    Hi - personally I try to not drink too often - but special occasions and odd nights out and bbqs this summer I've just had a day or two off and then been a bit stricter during the week and found I could still lose weight. X
  • Will_Run_for_Food
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    Never mind the calories, drinking too much (whatever "too much" is for you) can have an impact on you for more than just that day. For me, anything more than four drinks will likely cause me to sleep in and miss my morning workout the next day. I also find I want to eat more crap the next day, because we all know greasy food is the best thing for a hangover, right?

    That said, I don't know that I will ever give it up completely. Like one or two other posters said, if I know it's going to be a night that will involve drinking, I will try to exercise a little harder to earn some more calories. And like others have said, everything in moderation is fine so long as you stay within your calorie deficit. But if you're like me and have a difficult time stopping after just one or two, you might be better off not having any at all.
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    I have no doubt at all that I would not have a weight problem if I gave up alcohol. The extra calories would likely be more than I'd want to consume on most days. But, I don't want to give it up. So, I have to be much more careful about what I eat. I'm totally okay with this.
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    Mdistler92 wrote: »
    Thanks everyone for the responses. Drinking has not had any noticeable effects on my weight loss but I am shooting to abstain. For now, I'll just incorporate drinking in my diary.

    For me, while I was in calorie deficit, it was hard to get decent nutrition on low calories and still drink (much) alcohol, at least on a regular basis. I'd definitely encourage making sure you get your macros/micros to healthy levels most days. As you say, extra activity on alcohol days can help with that. I'm assuming you don't want to sacrifice good health or strength to allow room for alcohol!
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    I've been logging my alcoholic drinks and am able to maintained my desired calorie deficit. What I find is really tasty, with low calories and carbs, is adding 6 oz sparkling water to 4 ounces of wine. I get the sparkling water that is fruit flavored (mango, grapefruit, passion fruit, etc) that has no sugar or artificial sweetener - just water, CO2, and natural fruit flavor. Reminds me of sangria but without all the sugar. A 4 oz serving of Pinot Grigio is about 97 calories and 2.5 carbs.

    good lord
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    When I booze, I release certain inhibitions...and the results are never good.
    Some folks can drink in moderation, others just don't. I had to give up alcohol totally in order to reach my goals.
    In life every act we engage either moves us closer to our goals or further away. So, that was that, and I went on to lose 110 pounds total over about 2 years.

    Today, I may have a glass of wine here and there, but I never went back to hard drinking with beer of liquor, because I become a complete pig with food and other things. Anyway, that's how I managed the booze challenge and only you can decide for yourself: if drinking alcohol moves you closer to your goals.
    Good Luck!
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    Alcohol has calories and we all know what that means. I should cut back or quit but never seem to have the desire at 5 o'clock. After I modified my eating habits I can fit alcohol in if I run in the mornings 15+ miles a week. I can't think of the last day I didn't drink.
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    I've been able to lost about 1lb a week for the last 3 months while still getting pretty drunk at least once a week. The way I see it, I eat well and portion well almost all of the time, but not completely all of the time, and I'm okay with that. I'm beginning to understand what people mean about weight loss being a lifestyle change, rather than any kind of successful "diet", and drinking alcohol is part of my lifestyle so I still do it. As long as you're still eating at a deficit the majority of the time it shouldn't have too much of an impact - you may lose weight more slowly, but you don't have to change your lifestyle and quit something that you enjoy and want to do.
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    moderate and log it. as in, once a week.
    EDIT - and I don't mean 10 beers once a week. Like one serving, two tops.
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    We'll see how it goes. I suppose I was just worried and thinking later down the road when losing the weight won't be as easy as it is now. For now, I'll stick with just weekend drinking and earning the calories.

    I appreciate all the advice!
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    It's that old 'balance' cliche..

    I'm assuming you aren't a daily drinker in which case, you can most certainly make the alcohol fit on your weekends. Back when I was losing weight, I would 'bank' some calories from my week-days and save them up for indulgences at the weekend (for me it was lasange and chips and ice cream). I pretty much survived weekends this way! Having said that, make sure you aren't under-eating during the week to allow for the indulgences - this isn't such a healthy approach. If you have a spare 50 calories or so left over at the end of each week day, write it down and save it up!

    Otherwise, think of it this way - What's a weekend if you can't let loose a little? If you don't manage to 'bank' some from the week, shrug it off, let it go - enjoy your weekend. You're human :)