What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • caroannv
    caroannv Posts: 40 Member
    My mini goal is making it back from my week away from home without having put on weight. No bathroom scales, no food scales, just me seeing if I can get this right for a week!
  • treehugnmama
    treehugnmama Posts: 816 Member
    to be down 75 for christmas. 23 more to go!
  • daworley
    daworley Posts: 238 Member
    Staying the course until our wedding anniversary on October 16th. Focusing on dates about a month or 6 weeks in the future seems doable.
  • JstTheWayIam
    JstTheWayIam Posts: 6,357 Member
    To not lose any weight of my bench press tomorrow morning, been cutting calories pretty deeply the last 2 weeks. I'll find out tomorrow morning if it's too deep
  • Raemama
    Raemama Posts: 203 Member
    I managed to achieve my weekend mini goals, but am feeling the need to motivate myself through what will be a ridiculous week of potential food temptations. I have no less than five events that revolve around food. The most worriesome is a sit-down dinner; I want to enjoy it but not go nuts. Mini goal through Saturday: make it through the rest of the week not going over cals and carbs, except Friday's sumptuous dinner, where I will allow myself a taste of what I'd like to taste (i.e. dessert!!!). If I'm successful in this mini-quest, I'll treat myself to a movie at home on Sunday night! (I've also been on a 'no TV' program lately so this is a real treat.)
  • pescetarian_love
    pescetarian_love Posts: 70 Member
    My mini goal is to keep the last 3 pounds off that I keep fluctuating between. Its so frustrating and I feel like I'm not getting any where the last 2 months...
  • thenananator
    thenananator Posts: 273 Member
    fostersu wrote: »
    Here's one I just realized - Get to where my driver's license in accurate! I'm within 8 lbs!

    That is awesome and made me laugh! I am going to use that goal too!!!
  • lizzy_satellite
    lizzy_satellite Posts: 112 Member
    I've been scratching my brain to think of a new one, as I survived my half-marathon on Sunday and I wasn't looking further ahead than that! I think the next one will be 'do a pull up by Christmas' (it's actually been a goal for a long time but my progress has been slooooooow).