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What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    I think I've mentioned this one before, but holy cow are knees *sharp*. I've taken to sleeping with a pillow between them now. Ditto for hipbones and collarbones--when they started emerging I didn't know what felt normal. I'm used to them now, but they felt (and looked) really weird to me.

    hah iv recently began noticing my knobby knees and im nnot even thin. Makes shavign my legs amusing because theres like a whole new part. I actually thought my knee was swollen when i first saw it, Just sort of appeared lol

    I am starting to notice more loose flabby skin but that is not going to stop me from meeting my goal. I'm only trying to lose one pound per week. I figured that once I meet my goal the skin should tighten up. I drink almost a gallon of water everyday. And I eat at least 50% of my foods raw like fruits and vegetables.
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    Omg I'm only a teen and I'm 203 pounds plz if There's anything you guys are willing to share about what helped most in your success plz post!!!
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    JaydedMiss wrote: »
    That youd be willing to instantly do things you used to put off. Like walk further, Or scrub something clean. Free calorie burn! woo.


    Now I'm like, "I'll totally do that" as a reason to be more active. I am finding excuses to do the work I used to make excuses to avoid.

    I used to avoid anything cleaning or physical, I now work as a junk removal person, Basically a mover of furniture. With stairs. One of the meale dominated hard on your body fields id of NEVER considered before :D LOL
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