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60 Minutes per Month Plank Challenge - February 2017

b3achyb3achy Posts: 1,889Member Member Posts: 1,889Member Member
Short month, so this is going to be a bit more challenging...but I'm sure everyone is up for it!

This is a pretty simple challenge thread for those that want to have some accountability with their plank workouts. This plank challenge thread is meant to be flexible enough that people of various fitness levels should be able to successfully complete it as long as they are consistent with doing their planks regularly.

Challenge Goal - 60 minutes of planks for the month. That's a little over 2 minutes of planks daily (since it's a short month), or 3 minutes of planks for 20 days or 5 minutes of planks for 12 days...or...what ever you want to do to reach the challenge goal.
>>If you are already a planking superstar or start to consistently hit the challenge goal, feel free to post your own goal at the beginning of the challenge that is higher than the one for the posted challenge. Or post an updated goal once you hit 60 minutes.
>>If you join us late in the month, feel free to post an alternate goal that is in the spirit of the original challenge (for example, joining around the 15th would be a 30 minute plank challenge to finish out the month).

How many sets? As many as you need. If you can do a 5 minute plank in one set, that is amazing!! If you want to do a few sets of 1 - 2 minute planks, that's cool! If you need to break up your planks into multiple sets of 15-30 seconds, that's okay too!

Types of planks? ALL planks and their variations count! Straight arm planks, forearm/elbow planks, side planks, reverse planks, etc. This allows you to vary your planks depending on your personal workout goals. (See next post for a variety of planking ideas.)

How to join / participate? Just post the total minutes of the planks you did for the day and your running total for the month. No spreadsheets, no groups. Easy peasy.

Last month's 60 minute plank challenge thread:

Welcome and start planking!!
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  • b3achyb3achy Posts: 1,889Member Member Posts: 1,889Member Member
    Some plank resources for beginners looking for some information on planking and for intermediate/advanced plankers looking to add some variety to your workout routine ~~

    General Articles:
    Good tips for doing planks -
    Common plank form mistakes -

    Different Types of Planks:
    There are many varieties of planks and many of the same planks are called different names. Here's a sampling of planks for you to use (by no means all-inclusive) in your workouts.

    Static Planks:

    Forearm Plank Form:

    Straight Arm Plank (also known as High Plank or Extended Plank) Form:

    Forearm Side Plank (both feet on floor):

    Straight Arm / Extended Side Plank (stacked feet; top arm reaching upward):

    Dynamic Planks:

    Superman/Bird dog planks - Forearm version:

    Superman/Bird dog planks - Straight Arm/Extended version:

    Plank Jacks:

    Dolphin planks (I prefer to do these straight arm/extended because I shredded my forearms doing them in the lower position):

    Other Variations:
    There are lots of plank variations...these are just a few more options...

    20 Plank Variations from Health Magazine:,,20813896,00.html/view-all

    100 plank variations (17:18 minute video - the "cat coach" is the real star, IMO ~ I have at least one that does this to me also):
    {BTW, I got exhausted by the 5 minute mark watching this guy...}

    Table of Contents for the Video with Time Hacks for Start Locations:
    1-10: Basic Forearm Planks (Some Dynamic) (0:00)
    11-20: Additional Dynamic Forearm Planks (1:21)
    21-30: Dynamic Straight Arm Planks (2:59)
    31-40: Dynamic Full Body Movement (4:40)
    41-50: Cardio Planks (6:28)
    51-60: Side Elbow/Forearm Planks (8:28)
    61-70: Side Straight Arm Planks (9:47)
    71-80: Dynamic/Moving Side Planks (11:11)
    81-90: Weighted Planks (13:48)
    91-100: Advanced Challenges (15:25) (seems more like advanced yoga moves than planks, IMO)

    30 Day Plank Challenges:
    Some like to have specific planks to do each day. I personally find having to do them on specific days a bit too restrictive, but these are good plans for beginners and advanced plankers that prefer more of a roadmap to build up their times for doing planks. There are also challenges that have a variety of planks that you do each day (you can google for them or join other challenge threads that are using them exclusively).

    30 Day Beginner Plank Challenge - builds to a 2 minute plank (total is 26 minutes and 55 seconds for the month, so 33 minutes and 5 seconds short of 60 minutes. Recommend doing multiples earlier in the program when they are shorter to get more minutes for 60):

    30 Day Advanced Plank Workout - building to 5 minute planks (total is 53 minutes and 20 seconds for the month, so 6 minutes and 40 seconds short of 60 minutes unless you do multiples earlier in the program):

    Here's an Alternate 30 Day Plank Workout (for beginners, intermediate, and advanced) that also builds to 5 minutes of Planks (by doing multiples of no more than 30 sec planks; also 53 minutes and 20 seconds for the month):
    For details on the variations, here's the full slideshow:

    Intermediate Plank Workouts:
    These are intermediate level workouts, good to try once you have a good foundation of standard planks and are looking for something more interesting or with more variety.

    3 minute Bowflex Plank Workout:

    Rebecca Louise 5 minute Plank Workout (shows nearly proper form (butt's a little too far in the air, IMO), and modified forms):

    5 minute Plank Workout:

    Advanced Workouts:
    Do not try these if you have never done a plank before. These are workouts to build up to once you successfully establish a good foundation of standard planks (and probably only once you've managed to do some of the intermediate workouts).

    15 Minute Advanced Plank Workout:
    See details in this article ~

    FitnessBlender 10 minute Advanced Plank Workout (this looks brutal):

    You get the idea...there are lots of planks you can do, and any and all are acceptable for this challenge! Happy planking!! :)
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  • trixy22davidtrixy22david Posts: 35Member Member Posts: 35Member Member
    This is brilliant. I am a beginner (just getting into exercise again so will start with the 30 day challenge for beginners).

    Started today the 29/01 - elbow plank for a minute
  • b3achyb3achy Posts: 1,889Member Member Posts: 1,889Member Member
    This is brilliant. I am a beginner (just getting into exercise again so will start with the 30 day challenge for beginners).

    Started today the 29/01 - elbow plank for a minute

    Welcome to the challenge! Many of us are still finishing up the January challenge, but good idea to start early for the February challenge since it's such a short month! For anyone else who is new, feel free to do the same!
  • Spliner1969Spliner1969 Posts: 2,840Member Member Posts: 2,840Member Member
    I am in as usual! Resetting my personal goal to 150 minutes! Shorter month so let's see if I can get it done.
  • lbenson2006lbenson2006 Posts: 2,598Member Member Posts: 2,598Member Member
    I'm in...2nd month...will shoot for 80 and hope for more. :smiley:
  • jaclyndiannejaclyndianne Posts: 14Member Member Posts: 14Member Member
    I'm in! 1st time so sticking with 60min.
  • beerfoamybeerfoamy Posts: 1,224Member Member Posts: 1,224Member Member
    I'm in!
    once I have finished January haha!

    going to up my goal to 70mins as I am starting at the beginning of the month this time and try and plan them in better rather than thinking - argh! no time/out and having to do 10 in a day!
  • gdsmit1gdsmit1 Posts: 137Member Member Posts: 137Member Member
    I'm in. I set a calendar entry to give me a notification to do them.

    I'm a beginner, so sticking to the 60 minutes and "regular" forearm planks at the moment.
  • TriniOchoaTriniOchoa Posts: 2Member Member Posts: 2Member Member
    I'm in! My goal will be to do at least 60 minutes but hopefully I can get in more! :)
  • lennoncpalennoncpa Posts: 127Member Member Posts: 127Member Member
    I'm in too. This has been a great motivator. For January I had joined this challenge and also the 31 day variety of Planks challenge and some of those days were killer! I'm going to stick with just this challenge and see if I can get in at least my 95 minutes but not doing crazy insane planks. Normal planks are hard enough!!
  • 135terry135terry Posts: 432Member Member Posts: 432Member Member
    I'm in again however going for 60 min this month rather than 90 min as short month and one week vacation in feb may result in a few less plank minutes.
  • lennoncpalennoncpa Posts: 127Member Member Posts: 127Member Member
    Looking forward to a good challenge
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  • alipsie19alipsie19 Posts: 817Member Member Posts: 817Member Member
    I'm in. Focusing on my cardio mostly, but my core definitely. Hoping the shoulder heals and holds up.
  • gdsmit1gdsmit1 Posts: 137Member Member Posts: 137Member Member
    I wasn't in the January challenge, so I started today.

    Jan 30 - 2 minutes side plank (1 min, 35 sec, 25 sec)
  • kiit1234kiit1234 Posts: 49Member Member Posts: 49Member Member
    I'm in. My goal is 90 minutes. This is my fourth month. I want to keep better record of the types of planks I do - forearm, straight, row, etc. Also, I want to do most planks for one and a half minutes so I can build up 2 and 3 minute planks. THANKS to everyone for their support.
  • mummyto2monkiesmummyto2monkies Posts: 10Member Member Posts: 10Member Member
    I'm new and read the January challenge earlier and hoped it would be repeated! I'm in... Let's shift the wobble
  • b3achyb3achy Posts: 1,889Member Member Posts: 1,889Member Member
    Wow! Lots of folks this month! Welcome to all the new folks, and good to see so many returning masochists plankers!


    I'm in for 60 minutes guys know how much I hate these...and with it being a short month, I figure it'll be all I can do to get 60 minutes in again.

    September 2016 - 60 minutes
    October 2016 - 62 minutes
    November 2016 - 37 minutes
    December 2016 - 40 minutes
    January 2017 - 64* minutes
    * Modified planks included due to lower back issues
  • b3achyb3achy Posts: 1,889Member Member Posts: 1,889Member Member
    Just remember, this is the plank exercise challenge

    Not the planking fad challenge...



    Let's get it done!
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  • homeschoolmom77homeschoolmom77 Posts: 208Member Member Posts: 208Member Member
    New to planks, have back issues, but pt recommended planks. Haven't been able to motivated myself. Maybe this will help. Going to try for a minute a day. 28 minutes here I come. Wish me luck, I may need it.
  • gdsmit1gdsmit1 Posts: 137Member Member Posts: 137Member Member
    b3achy wrote: »
    Wow! Lots of folks this month! Welcome to all the new folks, and good to see so many returning masochists plankers!

    What's a "normal" amount of people for this challenge? Looks like January had just a few.
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