Foods You Wish They Would Bring Back?



  • murph155
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    Here's an oldie but goodie - Golden Circle bread. It was made by Tastee, it was round (!) and MUCH better than wonder bread. I live in the Northeast USA and the company was based in New Jersey, so I''m not sure if it was a regional thing or not. Mason Reese, that kid who looked like a Munchkin and talked funny, used to do their commercials. Yeah, I'm old! LOL!
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    Philedelphia cream cheese before they messed around with the recipe and made it all sloppy and yuk.
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    Dumb thread planted a bug in my brain and now I have to know:
    What was the name of the candy bars they had in the 90s that were chocolate wafer crisps covered in chocolate but were marketed as a lower cal alternative? Green package? Arghhh...
    Probably Hershey's Sweet Escapes.

    Yes, thank you! Now I can sleep tonight ;) I thought maybe I was confusing it with Bar None, but I distinctly remembered the "healthy" angle. Of course, there wasn't much of a calorie savings if you ate the whole bag! :( They should bring those back- I bet they'd go over really well in today's market.
  • spiritlevel9
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    Fry's 5 centre chocolate cream
  • benjaminhk
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    McDonald's Arch Deluxe.
  • junodog1
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    my husband used to love Swiss Rolls. He has contacted the company a few times but they tell him they are never coming back.

    Little Debbie still makes Swiss Cake Rolls.

  • Bchlvr64
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    Taco Bell's bell beefer sandwich. I lived on those when I worked there as a teenager in the late 70's, early 80's. I haven't found anyone who even remembers them.
  • MrsDan1667
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    Nature Valley had a specific flavor of granola bars that I haven't been able to find in 3 years: Roasted Almond

    Also, Philedelphia cream cheese bars from the early 2000s
  • wendsg
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    The Wendy's 5-alarm baconator. (little remorseful sob that it didn't stick)
  • JenHuedy
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    Purplesaurus Rex Kool aid.

    Mixing Grape & Lemonade just isn't the same.
  • whirlyruns
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    I miss this candy. It wasn't around very long.1lryuuxyb9yz.jpg
  • VlpW
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    Morton frozen mini cinnamon sugar doughnuts; Sara Lee frozen cheese danish; Fruit Float; Screaming Yellow Zonkers...
  • CharlieBeansmomTracey
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    Crystal Pepsi!! :'( Locally I'd like it if my grocery store would stock the *good* Hungry Man dinners again. Soft tacos and cheese fries, beer batter chicken and cheese fries... Last I checked they were still on the HM website, but somebody here must hate them or something...

    crystal pepsi did come back, they sell it at my local dollar general store
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    almond mars bars and before someone from the UK says that snickers almond replaced it,no lol they are not even the same thing not even close.
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    Chloe0602 wrote: »
    Jell-O Pudding Pops!

    they have in walmart a pudding pop maker kit. not sure if you have a walmart close or not
  • CharlieBeansmomTracey
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    you can still buy surge on amazon