Your go to breakfast.

What is your go to breakfast. The one you have most days.



  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 41,709 Member
    I have my Coach's Oats and a couple of eggs most week days.
  • Weekends - Eggs on toast
    Weekdays - Greek Yogurt and a protein bar
  • emilyvictoria7
    emilyvictoria7 Posts: 102 Member
    I have regular old milkless whole grain cheerios every day!
  • sardelsa
    sardelsa Posts: 9,812 Member
    Toast with peanut butter and jam..and coffee
  • Silveya
    Silveya Posts: 77 Member
    Oddly, most mornings I have Kroger brand maple and brown sugar oatmeal with a quarter cup of skim milk. I throw it in a to go cup and drink it on the way to work..
  • zyxst
    zyxst Posts: 9,134 Member
    Diet Mt. Dew. Food varies.
  • comeonnow142857
    comeonnow142857 Posts: 310 Member
    when on strict low calories: Cod & Spinach & Supermilk

    Most of the time: Club Ciabatta w/side salad, soup of the day, diet coke & coffee in my local restaurant. It's a financial luxury to have every day but their cooking is soooo worth it :)
  • kommodevaran
    kommodevaran Posts: 17,890 Member
    2 Wasa rye crispbread ("crackers") with cheese, fish or meat spread.
    Small glass of milk.
    Fresh fruit.
    Raw vegetable.
  • estherdragonbat
    estherdragonbat Posts: 5,285 Member
    1 cup red seedless grapes topped with one single-serve container of fat-free Greek yogurt. 1 granola bar out of a Nature Valley 2-bar envelope crumbled on top.
  • BeastofBodmin
    BeastofBodmin Posts: 34 Member
    4 fried eggs
  • KNoceros
    KNoceros Posts: 323 Member
    Depends on the temperature outside.
    >5 degrees Celsius = Greek yogurt and granola +/- spoonful of jam (usually without)
    < 0 = microwave porridge
    In between one of the above depending what I feel like.
    And always a cup of coffee with a splash of semi-skimmed milk

    Comes in in the region of 200-250 calories, keeps me going til lunch at about 12:30-1 ish.
  • Tricia7188
    Tricia7188 Posts: 136 Member
    Either oatmeal with some nuts and/or peanut butter and a little protein powder and an apple all mixed together, put some boiling water in at work and like it sit a while. Or 2% Greek yogurt with some frozen blueberries or strawberries and nuts.
    I always try to get carb, prot, and fats about 400 cals. keeps me full 4+ hrs
  • ania2704
    ania2704 Posts: 56 Member
    Oatmeal with fruits and nuts or seeds
  • murph155
    murph155 Posts: 116 Member
    Weekdays: Apple cinnamon oatmeal w/PB2 powder and coffee
    Weekends: Half a bagel w/crunchy peanut butter and coffee
  • neldabg
    neldabg Posts: 1,451 Member
    It depends, but this past month, I've been going for pancakes on the weekends since that's when I actually have time in the morning to make them fresh and wash the pan afterwards. On the weekdays I tend to have eggs, soup, or something high in carbs. Really, whatever I crave and won't be too much of a hassle to put together.
  • Stella3838
    Stella3838 Posts: 439 Member
    Weekdays I've been eating egg and veggie muffins with fruit and black coffee. Weekends are medium egg over plain grain toast, sometimes with a few pieces of bacon and black coffee.
  • marelthu
    marelthu Posts: 184 Member
    Oatmeal with mixed berries (I also put some high fibre cereal on top) and a glass of Kefir to drink.
  • shandy82165
    shandy82165 Posts: 184 Member
    Last week was 1/2 cup full fat aussie style yoghurt, with a banana and a sprinkle of granola for crunch.
    This week is going to be breakfast potatoes (potato, peppers, onions) and two poached eggs.
    And of course, coffee with Italian Creamer Coffeemate every day!
  • Lillymoo01
    Lillymoo01 Posts: 2,865 Member
    Oats with fruit and greek yoghurt. Sometimes with protein powder depending on what the rest of the day looks like.
    Weetbix with fruit and greek yoghurt. Weetbix is an Aussie cereal comprising on wholegrains and every little sugar (about a gram).