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    karen Olivia is a beauty! She looks like she is thriving, the love between mom and her is already shining through in the picture <3

    Becca congrats to you and your son, an example that despite difficult situations, children do strive.

    Glo I think others have said it better, this is a very tricky age, stick to your expectations, give him boundaries to push against. But take care of yourself as well.

    Speaking of parenting...I know my DD is going through something at college, I can hear it in her voice. Won't get into with me, but will be home in a few weeks so perhaps she will open up then.

    Good luck to Jake on the surgery, Barbie

    Off to work I go, NYKAREN
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    Becca Great news about your son!
    Janet, Rori Gorgeous pic
    Sharon Love hearing about that part of Canada, my old stomping ground, names of towns that are familiar warm my heart. Sounds like you have a lot going in. Hugs <3

    Woke up feeling dizzy and nauseated. I suffer from vertigo so it doesn't take much for me to get spinny. The problem is when I get a vertigo episode, the effects take months to slowly disappear. My last serious vertigo attack was last July and it was finally going away until this morning. Uggh! Glad to be going to work soon as my mind will be occupied on something else.

    <3 Sarah, Ontario
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    :)NYKaren, Fortunately the trip to Seattle today is not for surgery, just for a routine visit to the cardiologist preceded by a fancy test Going early today to do both test and office visit, saves us having to go twice. The trip involves a 90 minute drive, parking the car, a 35 minute ride on the ferry and a short ride by taxi to the doctor's office. We could walk to the doctor's office but it is very steep from the ferry into the city We often walk back down to the ferry after appointments.

    <3 Barbie from snowy NW Washington
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    Hi all,
    Just been hearing my DDIL on the radio this morning on BBC4, Woman's Hour. :D She was talking about the anxiety some women have around their replacement on maternity leave. (She is a clinical psychologist) She didn't tell me she was on. She only got to say a few sentences, but it's good to be asked. She is building up her profile on Facebook and Instagram. All a bit lovely and pastel for me, but I am pleased for her. <3

    I did not get to sleep before 1.45. But eventually did make it. Very uncomfortable head with the cold and the house preying on my mind. Haven't heard back from the estate agents yet. Hope DH will deal with that as he is much more diplomatic than me. >:) I don't have a good feeling about our buyers. My instincts are usually right.

    Didn't go to yoga as I am still coughing and spluttering, but sent messages and managed to do my exercises on my machines, very slowly. I do love to eat, so I need the calorie deficit. :) Nice to have that in the bank. Now I just want to feel better and stop waking the village with my sneezing. :s

    Rori and Janetr - Great photo! What fun to meet up! <3

    Just made arrangements to meet up with my old school friends group in London in April. Some of you will remember that one is "difficult". :o She took ages to reply to group emails, so we were worried. Anyway she has agreed to the meeting, but seems ultra stressed with far too many commitments. I always stay in a nearby hotel, rather than in her apartment as I can only take her in small doses, and I only stay one night. The other two stay with her for two nights. That would be beyond my tolerance. I disagree with her lifestyle choices and her choice of husband very intensely. Difficult to listen to her talking about it. :sad: Because we share so much history I love her in a way (like family), but I cannot spend much time with her.

    Lots of love, Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    Greetings Lovelies!

    It's a sparkling Tuesday morning, although a tad chilly! I'm not feeling great today, so my exercise will have to come from walking the dog as I'm not in the mood for anything more energetic!

    Must remember to do my shopping (online) and get the new reading group books (Amazon) this afternoon.

    Lenora - I forgot that the American version of a waistcoat is a vest! When my son was about 4 years old, I remember struggling with him to get his jacket on before we went on a walk along a very windy beach in France. He was being particularly stiff and not helping me at all. "I do wish that you would cooperate!" I said, feeling very much aggrieved. He turned his gorgeous big brown eyes up to me and said - very sweetly - "I don't even know what cooperate means!" "It means help, Darling, help!" says I, all the more exasperated. "Well why didn't you just say that, Mummy?"

    Out of the mouth of babes, eh? I've never forgotten that lesson in plain speaking!

    Heather - I do hope your house move goes well. But if your current buyers misbehave in anyway, they were never right for you, anyway!

    Dear Lanette - I am most definitely not Superwoman! In fact, I'm feeling particularly fragile today. But I can always take a nap this afternoon if the mood takes me. Definitely lucky there! And you're right - I do laugh and giggle a lot!

    Becca - Gush away - your son sounds like a wonderful, sensitive human being. I was very touched with what you wrote about how he coped with your husband's illness.

    Happy Tuesday all!

    Yinka in Worcestershire, UK
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    Heather UK- I have a 'difficult' friend too. Mine lives 2 miles away from me :/ and just pushes against the boundaries I've put in place. Thank goodness I'm so busy at work- gives me lots of excuses. I do enjoy limited contact with her, we have a history, but she wants to control everything. I can only take her in small doses

    Off to work now. Have a great day everyone!
    queene in PA
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    Good morning!

    It's one slippery morning here, at least on our deck.

    Sue in WA, I was surprised to hear about all of your snow yesterday.

    Barbie, hope your drive to the ferry terminal is uneventful and Jake's doc appointment goes well. I remember the climb from the waterfront up to "pill hill".

    Katla - did your egg lady show up OK? Ours delivered 2 dozen last week and will be dropping off 2 dozen more this morning. DH is waiting for me to make pickled eggs but I think they are too fresh to hard-boil so may have to buy a dozen from the store. I found a great way to peel them on the internet last month - put an egg, after it has cooled, in a pint jar with about 1/2 inch of water. Screw on the lid and shake it HARD for about 15 seconds. Unscrew the lid and as if by magic the shell has disconnected from the egg...no more leaving part of the egg attached to the shell. That might do the trick with fresher eggs and I'll experiment with one.

    Becca, what a wonderful story about your son and congrats to him on the 4.33! I'm sure you will both miss him greatly when he moves on with his life.

    Heather - sorry you are under the weather. What a thing to happen with your house sale-hopefully this is a minor bend in the road and will be resolved successfully. We gals do tend to have better intuition about things. My DH normally stays in the background but when I need the "big guns" he comes forth with intelligent and rational conversation, lol.

    Janet - Katie and Olivia look great. Continued prayers they'll both be home soon.

    Rori & Janetr - great photo! Fun times indeed. You both look fabulous - right there is some gorgeous grey hair!

    I've been skimming the posts for the past few months. Has anyone heard from Penny at the North Pole?

    That's the quick and dirty so far! Hello to new folks and waving at those of you I've missed

    SW WA State
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    Love the picture of Rori and JanetR~ so wonderful to get together with friends...
    Slept 8 1/2 hrs and am trying to take everything a day at a time.. about all I can do.. was asleep before 6:15 yesterday was just really a bad day for me... I am going to make an appt with GP and see if maybe get a script for antidepressants, and or hormones.. I put alot of blame on Tom which is all true.. but maybe my metabolism is messed up too..I have Thursday off from work but we have a service guy coming in to work on vacume pump.. and guess who has to go? me will talk to boss today and see if he wants me to just open office and let him work or stay there .. I am working Sat.and I know they dont want me going over 35 hrs...
    maybe will talk to my DSL and see if maybe I can get a full time job in the hospital or something with benefits..but at 57 age is not my friend...
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    Love the picture of Rori and Janetr

    Heather sorry you are not feeling well. Buying and selling a home is stressful for both parties. Irrationality can rear its ugly head. The buyers might be in such a state. My example is before we bought this home we put a bid of 96,500 on a home which had sat empty for months that was listed at 99,000. They countered offered at 97,500. Because we weren't in love with the home walked away. We knew our offer was fair and a good one. The house sold later for 91,000. This was back in 1887. Still no regrets that we didn't buy that home.

    Allie you are right living in constant stress in not good for your health. Have you sat down and figured a budget on what you could live on with your income and assets from your marriage. Knowing that you could make it on your own might give you a sense of power that is missing because money seems to be a big issue in your marriage. Time to take care of you.

    DH made it through his surgery yesterday. It will be quite the recovery process. I probably won't talk about it much. I find talking about it raises my stress levels. Rather I am trying to go through it in a state of grace. It is what it is and I plan to deal with by taking the best care of myself that I can. Time to go play a game on the internet...

    :heart: Margaret

    LOL!!! How old are you, anyway??? You are very well-preserved, I must say...

    Karen in Virginia
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    Margaret- I'm glad to hear that your DH made it through his surgery yesterday! You are right that you need to take care of yourself and destress. (((Hugs)))

    Karen VA- thanks for the Olivia fix! She is beautiful!

    Heather - I hope you feel better soon!

    Janetr and Rori- fantastic picture of the 2 of you. So nice that you could meet up!


    Mary from Minnesota
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    Wow look at that picture of Olivia.. <3 think her and Bea will be competetors....Down with DFIL then off to work.
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    Surfed through pages..... I seem to always be behind in the posts!!

    Happy Shrove Tuesday everyone

    Lillian in West Central Saskatchewan
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    Olivia is beautiful!

    Becca ~ You have every right to be so proud of your son's academic success. I am sorry that he had go through his dad's illness but I am sure it made him into the level headed person he is today.

    Rori & Janet ~ Two pretty ladies! :)

    Margaret ~ Prayers and good wishes for your hubby's recovery and for your own strength.

    Put my light jacket on to walk the Pom and it was actually a little too warm. We walk on the street that is on the side of our house. For the last 30 yrs there was nothing going on back there but a horse pasture. It was sold this past year and big machines are now bull dozing the land to build 60 new homes. :'( Will miss what I called the country road.

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    B) Waves to all...
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    Morning y'all!

    back from the gym and feeling hungry, TX
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    Such a beautiful pic of happy Olivia!

    Just skimming through.

    Rita in CT