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    Morning Ladies~
    Barbie~ as always thank you our fearless leader for keeping this thread going.
    slept well, and trying to get a grocery list and menu together..
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    Quick good morning Ladies.
    For those that are curious about the bras that were mentioned, check out my last post in February. Pictures from the wearable art exhibit I went to on Sunday. I don't think the fashions are meant to be actually worn, but they are great fun to look at.

    February goals...they were in my head
    Lose weight...3.2 lbs. down
    Continue exercise ... almost every day
    Drink water...not so good on the weekends but I drown myself during the week
    Log every day ... 905 day streak
    Do something every day that makes me happy... I need to remember to do this
    Wear my size 4 goal jeans comfortably

    March goals...
    Same as above and I will add...
    Learn to handle food and drink in social situations. Enjoy the company, not the food
    Achieve my goal weight. This is a stretch because I am a little over 5 lbs. away and at an average loss of less than a pound/week it would be remarkable. But I like a challenge and we have 3 days more this month than last.

    Thanks Barbie for keeping us going and for your continued support.

    Gotta bounce, work is calling.

    Chris in MA
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    Barbie Thanks for creating this thread!

    March Challenge Goals
    1. Eat between 20–30 g of carbs per day max
    2. Drink 6 to 8 cups of water per day
    3. Lift weights 3 to 4 times per week
    4. Swing kettle bell 6 to 7 times per week
    5. Walk six times per week
    6. Set phone every hour for five hours out of the day to get up and move
    7. Record daily
    8. Lose 6 to 8 pounds
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    Stronglift Rest Day

    Kettlebell Swing
    Goblet squat-6X5X 30
    Russian kettle bell swing-28X 10 X 30

    40lbs loss by May 27th Challenge
    Take a Walk every day!


    Mary from Minnesota
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    :)Joyce, the students in my line dance class are mostly women. The age range is 50-80+. There are about 30 students every week...some come regularly and others are hit and miss. There are three women in the front row who are over 80.

    :)Kate UK, Bravo to you for knitting a hat for a seaman. I knit hats for the homeless and my walking friend delivers them when she takes the hats she knits.

    :)frankiesgirl21, welcome back. It's never too late to let go of the excuses and loopholes and get back to the business of building a healthy lifestyle. I hope I'll see you here every day.

    :)Re, I'm with you trying to do the P.T. exercises. I'd much rather walk the dogs or ride the exercise bike. I have to be more firm with myself this month. How great that you can be back on the elliptical. I remember how sad I was when I couldn't ride my exercise bike.

    :)Katla, I don't have to remind myself to have fun every day because Sasha, Bessie, and Bernie make every day fun and most days Jake is entertaining, too.

    <3 Barbie from chilly NW Washington
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    Just marking my place.

    Rita from CT
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    Happy March!

    Barbi: Thank you for setting up the new thread. So glad that hubby is doing better

    Sharon: You'll have to let us know if your daughter is the successful sculptor on the McCann's "Darling" sculpture. I hadn't heard that this was being commissioned. Sorry to hear about your BIL - hope things improve for him soon <3

    Re: Glad to hear that the scale moved the right direction and that you can get back on the elliptical, even if you have to do it in reverse. :)

    Naomi2015: Am I correct in thinking we haven't seen you for a while? If so welcome back it's great to hear from you.

    Trac: Welcome back!

    Heather: Great pic's!

    It's great to see so many of your reaching most if not all of your goals!! I didn't set any goals for February as I was concentrating on reducing stress and didn't need to set myself up for any perceived failure. I've been known to be my own worse critic. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered that I had actually had a net loss for February - 2.4 lbs down. I'll take it as weight loss is challenging for me. I've been eating low carb primarily Atkins since September but have been following Mary's LCHF blog. This month I will work on getting the HF part of it more in line and see if that will help.

    Have a good day my friends!

    Carey - Northern Alberta
    "The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." - William James
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    February goals:

    1. Watch less television at night.- not even close
    2. Get back to the gym 3 times a week.-only made it once a week but did exercise at home some
    3. Drink 4 bottles of water a day.- drank at least one everyday
    4. Be kind to myself.- have to work on this one really hard on myself about not meeting my goals
    5. Lose 5 pounds-lost 6.6 pounds-gained back 1.4 this week.

    Ok, so I didn’t do too hot a job on February goals. I it was my first month back. At least a made an effort which is more than I had been doing.

    March goals:
    1. Watch an hour less television at night (starting smaller and more defined)
    2. Get to the gym at least twice a week.
    3. Drink 2 bottles of water a day
    4. Lose 5 pounds
    5. Login to MFP everyday.

    I decided to work from the base I laid down in February. I already have a few small steps, so now I will build on that.

    Barb-thanks for your dedication in getting us started each month.

    Katla- the party in the next room at the hotel reminded me of when my mother had heart surgery and my daughter, my father, and myself were in a hotel in Nashville. We were so exhausted that night and of course the people in the room beside us decided to have a Karaoke party. Can you guess what the first song of choice was…….yep, JOLENE!

    My daughter shook the bed she laughed so hard. I am still not really amused. Sometimes I think Dolly Parton should pay me a royalty for the times I have had to endure that song, lol.

    Re in TX-I am with you. That is the body type I have as well. I can eat below my calorie budget but if I don’t exercise it doesn’t do me any good at all.

    - Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger. I fell of the horse, hit the wagon, slid into the mud, and rolled around in it . But I am back now too. We can do it.

    Feeling kinda queasy this morning. I am pretty sure it is a side effect of the Victoza. Had to talk myself into going into work. We had some rough storms last night. A few large limbs fell in the backyard. There is one that is taller than me that was driven into the ground and is standing straight up. Of course I slept through the worst part once I finally fell asleep. Had heart palpitations last night so I had a difficult time going to sleep. Now its almost 70 degrees at 8:30 a.m. and we are in for more strong storms today. Everyone stay safe.
    Jolene in Stormy Tennessee.
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    Heather, beautiful pictures of your family. The grandbabies are precious. <3

    Janetr okc
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    Heather Oh my gosh those children are so delicious. Thank you for posting those wonderful photos.

    Sue Woke up this a.m. thinking of that feisty Ruby, and realized I have connected Ruby & Olivia in my mind. Warrior Princesses.

    Janetr Love the name Olivia! Ours is Olivia Willow Renucci. Here is to your Olivia! Banane21.gif

    NYKAREN Those burgers sound yummy. Apple! Sounds wonderful. So does the spinach version Heather mentioned.

    Katla Schooner is the prettiest dog I have ever seen. Regal-looking. Gorgeous photo! <3

    Chris MA Love the museum photos, especially the wooden dress.

    Barbie Good news for Jake!

    DJ <3

    Olivia needs prayers and healing thoughts/reiki whatever you want to send for help in healing her kidneys. Everything else is so much better, but her kidneys are not recovering and she is continuing to need dialysis. Together I believe we can continue to help our little warrior princess. She has so many people praying for her and sending positive energy. We really believe it has made a difference in her remarkable recovery. Thank you all for your part in that. <3<3<3

    Karen in Virginia
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    Morning ladies!

    Been to the gym with hubs. Today we did legs and then 20 min. HIIT, him on elliptical me on the treadmill.

    Need to run some errands today: Walmart, post office and library.

    Otherwise plodding along on this journey. Not losing the weight suggested by the Naturally Slim program. Not upset about that as I am learning some good habits. Also I've really increased my strength training thus may have some fat to muscle transitioning going on. I feel so much slimmer these days!

    Thinking of all of you with struggles at the moment and all of you with positive accomplishments. This group is so important to me and my day! Sending love, hugs and kisses!

    in a bit foggy College Station, TX
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    awesome goal, Margaret one day at a time, you've got this. NYKAREN
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    oh there you are