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    Having already decided to be alcohol-free for Lent, I discovered a March alcohol-free challenge in the forums. Nice to have support through March. I woke up this morning after day 1 sans alcohol feeling like a different person. Immediately put on workout clothes so in my first work break (work from home) I can head to the gym. Wanted yogurt instead of diet coke. Man, I was not aware of how much wine was affecting me. I had the best sleep last night I've had in ages. Also hopped on the scale for the first time in a week and was down a surprising amount (not NSV, but I'm thinking tied in to the wine).

    Changed my profile pic because I was so happy to feel like a butterfly, but my same old gray avatar is showing up here although the new pic shows up when I check in. Any suggestions?

    There's a brief(ish) delay between updating your MFP profile pic & having it show up in the forum software - not tightly integrated. Give a few hours or a day.
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