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    suebdew wrote: »
    Got really sick yesterday afternoon and finally went to ER. 6 hours later transferred to hospital in Dallas. Diagnosised with small bowel obstruction. Feeling better after pain meds.
    SueBDew in TX.

    I am so sorry that you are sick and in the hospital. It is good that the pain medicine is helping. I hope they're able to fix the problem quickly. :heart:

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    Janetr thanks for sharing a picture of Hannah!

    Drkatiebug great pics!

    Katla looks like you are having fun!

    Karen my niece loves horses. My sister and her DH owned a farm where my niece loved having horses. She is now married to a farmer.

    Sue hope you feel better soon.

    Thanks for the dog pictures too. I can get my dog fix. DH does not want one.

    He hopefully comes home tomorrow. Made the broth for the chicken soup today.

    :heart: Margaret
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    Kate UK – I hope you are feeling much better. I had a ‘gallbladder’ attack the day my youngest son graduated from HS; we had been seated, I got up to go to the restroom before the services. Got up; and, hit the floor in the restroom. Woman came in and asked if I was ‘ok’ and I told her ‘no’, could she go find Louis. I told her my Mother was in a wheelchair at the top of the stairs; and, she could show her where he was sitting. He came in and got me and carried me to the car and took me to the hospital and I had emergency gallbladder operation. He had his taken out 2 weeks later on an emergency basis. This week he has to go for his pre-op; the following week he is having the same procedure he has had several times that will mean he will have a catheter for a few days or more. But, we really like his new Urologist.

    They removed it because it was full of stones. I had never had that type of pain; hope never to do it again either in any other area of my body. About the worse thing I have had since was 4 back-to-back UTI with maybe 2 or 3 days between them in a little less than 2 months. The testing after that, I would not wish on my worst enemy!

    You sound like you need to make an appointment with your MD for a consultation with a surgeon to have it removed. Look at it this way, ‘slim chances of rare complications of a surgical procedure; or a life-time on codeine’???? That is only a decision you and a ‘trusted’ MD/Surgeon can make. I guess I am glad that my ‘first’ attack was so major they did the surgery on an ‘emergency’ basis. Have not missed it! There are some ‘other’ organs I have not missed.

    Sarah – Those mints look decadent! Yes, very interested in recipe. Thanks, just printed it off.

    Becca – Bought a bar of “Endangered Chocolate”. Took the caloric amount for ½ a bar, doubled it and divided it by 15 = 28 calories per piece, if I remember correctly, I can handle that. I am not so much of a ‘chocoholic’ that I would not be able to stop at one piece; but, 15 days of a ‘glorious treat’.

    I think the saddest story I ever knew was a girl who was adopted; needed a kidney, found her family who only lived a couple of counties over (about 13 of them) and none of them would agree to even be tested. Needless to say, she passed away (probably in her 30’s or 40’s).

    Chris and Lanette – When my Mother was a young woman (off at college at the age of 16) in the early 40's; woman were ‘expected’ to have a little meat on their bones. She was a very pretty woman; always had a beautiful smile and great skin. Thankfully, I inherited her good skin. I don’t wear much make-up and never wear foundation except when I was 13 and needed (or wanted) to try to cover a birthmark; which has faded over the years. It could have been so much worse. When I was a baby, my Mother came in to hear me ‘screaming’ at the top of my lungs and my Daddy washing my neck. Mother asked him what he was doing and he told her ‘trying to get this dirt off her neck’. She told him, ‘it’s only a birthmark’. As a teenager, it would get darker when I got sun. Which was a lot since I was a lifeguard at the city pool. I gave up on it, doesn’t bother me now. Now, my sweet Louis has that disorder that Michael Jackson had, where the pigment of his skin gets really white; and, it burns when he gets too much sun. So far confined to his hands and a little on his legs. It may or it may not spread. But, I’ll love him just the same.

    My husband used to call on a manufacturing company that made clothes. They cut them out; and, sent them down a conveyor belt; and, depending on how they got send down; one might be a 16 in one brand name and a 12, 8, 6, or a 2 - in others. Reason that ‘expensive’ clothes have smaller sizes … not that they are smaller, it is just the ‘tag’ that goes in it. Made me look at clothing sizing in a totally different way. My goal is to get to the point my BMI is ‘considered’ a ‘normal’ weight for my height (and maybe my age).

    Queene – Count me as one who is happy to no longer have my gallbladder.

    Janetr - Love the shirt/onesie … My DDnL#2 and DMYGD love to ‘hunt and fish’. When Will and she were getting serious, she was ‘all he talked about to his Dad’; then he said, ‘besides she likes to hunt and fish’. We ‘knew’ it was serious!

    Rori – Stop by and I’ll have myself ‘packed up’ in a suitcase on the doorstep. I want to go to Honolulu!

    Sue – Hope you get to feeling much better really quick! Are they going to have to do surgery?

    Katie – They did not have the fancy equipment to know the gender of babies when we were having babies. DOS had a ‘head’ full of black hair, the OB said, ‘well, looks like we might have a girl’ … until his shoulders were on the way out; he said, ‘well, maybe it isn’t a girl, or else she will be on the football team’. At that point I was screaming, not from the pain so much as realizing I was ‘strapped down’ and the nurse wasn’t scratching my nose, which itched like all get out. I think I threw in a few 'choice curse words' for the OB; he finally told her to unstrap me - but warned me not to touch the prepped area. I told him I did not 'itch' down there and reminded him that I had specifically asked NOT to be strapped down (as I am claustrophobic; but, he lied to me about it).

    What a difference 2 years made; with DYS did not have to go through all that freaking prep (or episiotomy). Was a much easier birth, and he was 2lbs heavier and also had large shoulders. Also wasn’t worn out from pushing so hard. Only pushed when I had a strong contraction; the Braxton Hicks contractions were just allowed to go, it is the lining up of the baby to get ready to be born. I had been having them for several weeks; and, it was obvious that the baby was being ‘lined’ up to come down the chute. You could feel it AND see it. Only pushed when I felt ‘pressure’ like I ‘needed to go to bathroom’.

    Great milestone markers. I am waiting to post my BEFORE and AFTER pictures when I get to my goal weigh; only about 10lbs away; but, it is getting harder to lose it, I have found. One, at my heaviest, at my DYS’s wedding! OMG! I came home and ‘cried’ when I saw the pictures. That is when I started this journey. It hasn’t be the easiest thing to do; but, I did not put the weight on overnight, so it is ridiculous to think it will come off overnight. I gained it slowly; and, I am ‘losing’ it slowly. But, I intend for it to ‘stay off’. I will only give myself a 5lb leeway from my goal. Will not change my eating or exercise habits. I do take Sundays off from exercise (most of the time).

    Karen in Virginia – Hoping and praying that all goes well with Olivia.

    Love the pictures of the horses. One of our neighbors has Walkers; one day, I went by and 4 of them were standing together with their butts together. Looked like they were on the ‘look-out’ for something (or had one another’s back). I wish I had my cellphone on, I would have loved to have been able to take a picture. Our sons played baseball together. He is a likeable person, she is a bit of a witch; unless she ‘lets you into her circle’. Louis called him a couple of weeks ago and asked if he could rent his auger; he told him to just come on down and get it and keep it as long as he needed. Made planting about 30 trees a breeze.

    Michele from NC says they are getting ‘data’ on Tuesday; I don’t know what she meant by that; but, she asked me to ‘tell y’all’. I am, apparently, missing something. But, have had a few bad days in a row. Trying to ‘make it’ … without freaking out! Guess that means she will be posting again after Tuesday; they must be coming home after the Daytona races.

    – I think dogs must sleep all the time (especially when they are inside and comfortable). Cracker either sleeps in a ball; or she is all stretched out and halfway in and out of her bed.

    Welcome to all the Newbies!

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    Lenora. Love Endangered Species chocolate! 70% mint is my favorite, with a cup of Joe!
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    Hugs to all

    Paula Y
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    My sister in law used to ride horses long ago and was in an exhibition. She performed with her horse all in braids and took her through all the different trots and everything. Won first place. I'm not sure if she has gotten a horse since. She loves animals and got a job in a vets office, first at the front desk then gradually helping with surgeries, etc. she now works with all the animals at the Ark Encounter for all of you who may know what that is.

    Did my taxes. Was very surprised we got money back from federal. Maybe it will help Charlie feel better if we get gutter guard or a garage door opener.

    Can't sleep. Might go in the office and find out why the lrinter isn't printing the tax forms.

    Joyce, sleepless in Indiana

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    Feeling a little better this morning but tried to get an appointment with my GP kept ringing for half an hour then told that all appointments booked grrr

    Thanks for all goid wishes

    Love all the pics of babies and dogs

    Kate UK
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    Morning everyone! I finally hit 10,000 steps yesterday. I am not sure I will do it every day, but I am going to try!

    Sue: The bowel obstruction sounds serious. Hope you can get some relief soon.

    Kate UK: Glad you are feeling a little better. If you can't get medical relief before you head to Spain, you might pack a bottle of apple cider vinegar. It is supposed to help mixed with some apple juice.

    Queene: Love the wrong planet poster!

    Sarah: Have been looking for a ceramic pan myself. Would be interested in hearing about your experience.

    Janetr: Hannah is beautiful.

    Lanette: Congratulations on the smaller sizes!

    -Leigh in France
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    Kate UK - I would think very carefully before going to Spain. If you get a recurrence, or need emergency treatment for the gallstones your insurance will not cover it as it is now a pre-existing condition. Of course we still have EHIC - for now. :( so two thirds are covered anyway, but it is a risk. My pains were very intermittent, although agonising, and I did go to Amsterdam. I had an attack one night in the hotel, but it wore off after 20 minutes. Scary though. I had just eaten half a "mooncake" , so went to sleep quite quickly once it had worn off! Your pain seems to be very different as it is more continuous. I can't believe the doctor wouldn't see you as you had twice been to the emergency department! ! ! :sad:

    Cheri - Your son's history sounds very like my son's. Mine was also an athlete and triathlon coach and had just won county and city awards for coaching when he went down with depression. All the misery and the drugs piled the weight on him. He is finding it hard to lose it. Likes his beer and food too much. Comfort food. He is more active now, so it is very gradually going. I keep my mouth firmly shut. :o

    Katla and Sue - Sooooooooooooo great to see your photo! What a wonderful opportunity. <3<3

    Dentist today. Only hygienist, but still a nuisance. Grrrrrrrrrr!

    Got to ring my brother to decide how to get to the birthday meal. If we catch the bus we will have to be picked up by him.

    Love Heather UK xxxxxxx
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    Morning everyone

    Cheri Wow, lot's of success: new weight, new interests, increased creativity; so happy for you
    Queenie love the planet pic, lol!
    Katie Wow, what a difference 50lbs makes. You have lost a small bale of hay or 200 sticks of butter lol! You look fabulous!
    Karen Thanks and beautiful horse pics. I love when pics capture them running
    Katia Beautiful pic of you and Sue. How nice for you to get together.
    Suebdew Hope you feel better soon. Hospital stays are not fun :/
    Janet Great pic, they look so excited!
    Lenora You will love the mints and that little recipe makes tons and I still have leftover ganache
    Leigh the pan is supposed to arrive next week, so I will let you know.

    Have an ok day ahead, but didn't sleep well. I am starting to have anxiety on Sunday nights. Hope this passes as I get through some of the changes at work. I will hit the gym at lunch time, that always helps.

    Have a great day ladies! <3 Sarah, Ontario
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    Sarah hope the work day and work anxiety starts to calm down. Nothing like Sunday nite anxiety-I suffered with that for years.

    My Mondays are simple, keep teaching positively-not an overbooked day so I can clear up emails and busy work then off to the gym and home for leftovers. May try a lamb Tagine recipe for Tuesday nite as DH seems to be improving and a nice dinner may cheer him up -and of course, he likes when I bake a cake so I just may use up my Meyer lemons and make a very simple cake (which I don't eat) with buttermilk and lemon, simple glaze on top just for him.

    Countdown for a visit from my dear daughter from college at end of the week. She has been very distant with me so we shall see how that all works.

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    I love this post! Thanks! I am on-track since the first of the year. (For the most part)
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    morning ladies~
    was lazy yesterday and didnt go out except to go see DFIL .. he was a freshy yesterday.. lol anyway I did make him a no bake lemon meringue pie in a square pan and cut into pieces so , they can give him a treat .
    Tom did download Quicken on my computer ,so that with what money goes in my checking account ,I can keep track like he does,,, and have an accordian file to keep receipts in..
    He will be going to florida for a week and a 1/2 the end of April to close the place up. he is driving down..April 26th through May 6th.. have alot of thinking to do...
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    Janetr: Congrats on the new arrival! They all look so happy :)

    DJ: Staying within your calorie limit counts.

    Kate Uk: I can relate to the gall bladder issues - pain killers didn't seem to help me, I got more relief from anti-spasmodics. Oh my issues were set off by citrus not fat.

    Cheri: So happy for you. Happy shopping!

    Katiebug: Fantastic collage...thanks for sharing

    Sharon: I've been hibernating but have to break out of the house this morning for work :(

    Work is calling - wishing you all a happy successful day

    Carey - Northern Alberta
    "The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." - William James