What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • RobinSFoster
    RobinSFoster Posts: 44 Member
    My current goal is to be 220 by July 1 (currently 239) and fit in to the shorts that are in my closet.
  • Valsgoals
    Valsgoals Posts: 132 Member
    acbraswell wrote: »
    Run 3 miles. I was up to running 9 miles training for a half-marathon, but developed plantar faciitis. I've only run a couple of times since October.

    Me too!!! I was going to post this as my mini goal. Developed the same. I wasn't at the half-marathon length but I was doing 3+ miles on a very regular basis. I've been down a bit longer though. Doc thought it was more an ankle issue, really it was PF.

  • Valsgoals
    Valsgoals Posts: 132 Member
    Oops, and yes, that is my mini-goal too to get to 2 miles, then 3.
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