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Tired of self-sabotaging by munching after dinner? Upset that you double your in-calories at night? Then it's not just me . To get some help (or inspire us by your good example), please join us in this challenge.

You set what you feel is late night snacking. For example, if you have extra calories left for the day, you can have a snack if it's small. Others decide not to eat at a past a certain time. It's up to you.

We go by the formula:
Me: "number indicating how many evenings you stuck to it"
LNS: "number of times late night snacks won"

Example: Me: 2 - LNS: 0 indicates I won the first two nights.

Some people also add a * to the latest number. In the example, that would be
Me: 2 - LNS: 1*
if LNS won the 3rd night.

It's as simple as that. Or as complicated, as you will discover. Nevertheless, the persistence and good results of some of our "old" members (and some people keep coming back) show that the battle is worthwhile .

You will notice some people post streaks of how many days they are free of late night snacking. This is definitely not a requirement, but if you want to do it for motivation, it works well.