What are your non-scale goals?



  • MrStabbems
    MrStabbems Posts: 3,110 Member
    beat that little skinny bloke on my cycling commute. Guy is rabbit fast!

    Climb a mountain

    Finally complete that off road trail in the military zone
  • sardelsa
    sardelsa Posts: 9,826 Member
    Lean out after this bulk until I'm happy with my bf%.

    After that...
    -Keep building the booty (I feel like this goal never ends)
    -Get stronger in my lifts
    -Do more than two pull-ups
    -Become more flexible and get better at yoga

    Otherwise I don't know. Still trying to figure it out.
  • kittkat789
    kittkat789 Posts: 111 Member
    Be comfortable with my naked body.
    A lot more toning. There is a dress from high school I'm close to fitting in again. I'll be happy the day it zips
  • jen_bush
    jen_bush Posts: 676 Member
    oh yeah - getting the fitness booty or bubble butt is deff one of my biggest dreams. But then again girls, isn't it all of ours? haha x
  • ashbabe25
    ashbabe25 Posts: 173 Member
    edited April 2017
    I want my belly to not be so big. It's something I've struggled with for years... my son is 21 I can't use baby fat as an excuse anymore :D
  • FreyasRebirth
    FreyasRebirth Posts: 514 Member
    Graduate college.
  • tsortsor
    tsortsor Posts: 830 Member
    Be quicker faster stronger
  • Bunch_of_nuts
    Bunch_of_nuts Posts: 30 Member
    To fit into my pre baby clothes.
  • sw33tp3a1
    sw33tp3a1 Posts: 5,067 Member
    I want to wear a crop top. Even in my lighter days I never felt comfortable enough or sexy enough to wear one. Also, a half marathon would be an amazing thing to accomplish :)
  • comeonnow142857
    comeonnow142857 Posts: 310 Member
    edited May 2017
    Run my first 5K, THEN run one in under 20 mins!
    Run my first 10K

    Chinups out of a thick rope with 30kg x 3 sets of 5
    Dips 30kg x 1 set of 20
    Front Squats 100kg x 1 set of 20 (below parallel)
    Stiff Legged Deadlift 140kg x 1 set of 20 (each rep from dead stop)
    Bradford Press 80kg x 3 sets of 5 (bar all the way down to chest), or bodyweight, whichever comes first
    Close Captain of Crush #3 Gripper with both hands

    Cut up lower abs
    New (and properly fitted, including some tailoring) Clothes to accommodate new fitter figure
  • ItsAllMental819
    ItsAllMental819 Posts: 68 Member
    Get to 8% Body fat

    Squat 405lbs

    Be able to fight an adult shark and win... Doesn't have to be a Great White
  • Vikka_V
    Vikka_V Posts: 9,562 Member
    Find a new physical activity to try
  • bjdw_1977
    bjdw_1977 Posts: 438 Member
    To need to buy a belt.

    Lose the moobs.
  • JoJosAnatomymfp
    JoJosAnatomymfp Posts: 178 Member
    More energy
  • rabbidchicken
    rabbidchicken Posts: 32 Member
    Deadlift double my bodyweight and press my body weight over head
  • Sivadee00
    Sivadee00 Posts: 428 Member
    Regain the muscles and strength I had two years ago.
  • ZodFit
    ZodFit Posts: 394 Member
    Low enough body fat to see 3 to4 abs
  • EdinBeau
    EdinBeau Posts: 29 Member
    To get rid of my "love handles". That area is seriously the only area that bothers me. And it seems to be the hardest to get rid of...... ugh.
  • gymprincess1234
    gymprincess1234 Posts: 493 Member
    *To not be jiggly and soft , basically to be lean
    *Healthy BMI and fat %
    *Fit into over the knee boots
    *Round , fit bum
    *Bony knees
    *Wear a bikini with confidence
    *Be able to tell someone how much I weight without being embarrassed
    *No chub rub in summers
    *To be able to run at least 1h
    *Wear shorts
    *Have a pretty belly button
    *To have that vertical muscle line on my back