LOSE 55 POUNDS BY CHRISTMAS!! June - December!! Who's with me??



  • vbaysinger
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    edited June 2017
    I'm in!! I live in MO and my goal is 78 pounds, so 55 by Christmas would make a huge dent
  • jlburns2005
    jlburns2005 Posts: 332 Member
    Hi I'm in. I'm from Maine.
    Xmas gw-151
  • mytime6630
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    My goal weight at end of challenge in December: 170 lbs
    Current weight 199.8

    Jun 1 -199.8
    Jun 8 -201.6
    Jun 15 -
    Jun 22 -
    Jun 29 -
  • wanna_be_free
    wanna_be_free Posts: 210 Member
    so ive had a 4lb gain...no biggie. i suffer several mental health problems and binge eating comes as part of that. feeling much better so im back onnit.
    sw jan 16: 241lbs
    june 1st: 227
    june 8th: 226
    june 15th:
    june 22nd:
    june 29th:
  • calicogem1
    calicogem1 Posts: 7 Member
    I have 110 pounds to lose, but 55 by December would be wonderful. I'm in Texas, and feel free to add me.
  • ruth5A
    ruth5A Posts: 1 Member
    Id love to achieve that for xmas. Count me in :smiley: im just outside edinburgh in Scotland
  • clynnwoodard
    clynnwoodard Posts: 319 Member
    I'm in Texas. I'm starting at 171 and have 41 lbs to goal.
  • aknroberts
    aknroberts Posts: 102 Member
    SW 1st June 225.3
    GW 25th Dec 185

    5/6: 224.6
    12/6: 224.6

    No change this week :(
  • wefts
    wefts Posts: 181 Member
    so far down 11 of my goal start weight 226 current weight 215 20 days straight logging , the logging really helps
  • 1982Josie
    1982Josie Posts: 91 Member
    Challenge start weight 4th June: 233lb (original start weight 21st May 244lb)
    Challenge goal weight 25th Dec: 178lb (final goal weight 140lb)

    11th June: 232lb -1lb (Really happy with this as have not been 100% this week!)
    18th June: ?
    25th June: ?
  • Missycvt
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    Yes please! I really need this! Current weight: 180 Goal Weight: 140 Please add me, I need help with motivation.
  • lovefool63
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    I am in ! I am from Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
  • Slimpossible007
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    edited June 2017

    SW (1st June) 206.8 lbs
    GW (3rd July) 199.8 lbs <<< - 7lbs -- small milestones and reaching "onederland" :)
    GW (31st Dec) 155 lbs
    FGW (in 2018) 140 lbs or rather whichever weight I get to when I work on tone and shape, could be more or less

    5th June - 205.4 lbs -- down 1.4 lbs
    12th June - 205.4 ---- down 0 lbs (total down 1.4lbs)

    So no weight loss and I only measured 1 week ago so I didn't expect any results from that either!!

    I use http://fitness.bizcalcs.com/Calculator.asp?Calc=Body-Fat-Navy to calculate BF

    AND!!! ......

    Here are my No Scales Victorys (NSV)
    this is in ONE WEEK

    I have LOST .........
    2 inches from my belly
    1 inch from my hips (widest part round the bum)
    I have lost 1 % of of my body fat
    I've lost 2 lbs of fat

    I've GAINED ..........
    2lbs of lean mass

    so yay me!!!! .. I actually couldn't be happier with a 0 lb loss on the scales

    I usually only measure monthy so I am not logging these measurements on MFP
    Roll on 3rd of July when I can measure and record my size losses :)

    I may not be losing weight but I am losing size :) happy bunny :D

  • FEW1791
    FEW1791 Posts: 5 Member
    Checking in since I started (2 weeks ago I think).
    SW: 220
    Current: 215
    50 more to go!
  • Karoger87
    Karoger87 Posts: 56 Member
    Starting Weight: 226lbs-- May 29th 2017
  • TaraEdVan
    TaraEdVan Posts: 4 Member
    I am in!
  • marychaco
    marychaco Posts: 1 Member
    I'm in 55 would be fabulous by Christmas. 15 down so far, and ready for the challenge.
  • Hello all. I've been MIA lately. I went out to eat with my sister the other day - a place where I couldn't find anything low carb. Long story short I went off my diet for a few days afterward. Started craving all kinds of non-athletic stuff. I can't blame her for my lack of will power though. I've been going strong since yesterday. I hope everyone is doing well.
    MRYELNS Posts: 5 Member
    I'm from South Illinios and looking to loose 50lbs total.

    SW: 185.2 lbs (Jun 2)
    CW: 183.2 lbs
    GW: 135 lbs

    05Jun = 184.3
    12Jun = 183.2
    19Jun =
    26Jun =
  • Kaddyshack413
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    That is exactly the amount I am hoping to lose. I am planning trips to Iceland and Japan this year and want to be feeling my best. I'm in!