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  • Dazzler21
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    Hey guys, feel free to add me, looking to take on a few freebies for online only PT for a short time to add to my experience levels. My key area of expertise is fat loss. I am not looking to train body builders, so please take that into account!

    Hit the add button if you want some free assistance.
  • lisajanewalker717
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    I started about 2 weeks ago. If anyone wants to add me feel free
  • dnoble18
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    I'm three weeks into a journey to lose 60 pounds and get my health back. I'm 48, and unless I make it to 100 (very unlikely), I have more days behind me than are in front of me. I want to enjoy every one of them, but I need my body to let me. I'm working at finding a healthy balance. I don't do moderation, in anything. That must change. Extremes of anything are not sustainable. If I can't do it for the rest of my life I'm not interested. I'm new here but not new to the struggle and looking for a support network. Thanks!
  • bgpeck2
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    Looking for new friends here, as well as on FitBit...

    FitBit: //
  • PrincessMegan13
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    I would adore new friends! I am really trying hard to stick to it this time, but with still fighting off the fog of postpartum depression from my son's birth almost 8 months ago, and general malaise, I need someone to kick me in the butt to get after it! I'm fantastic at being an optimistic and encouraging supporter, but I'm crap at doing it for myself. PLUS--I basically need to lose a PERSON! I have an overall weight loss NEED of 100+lbs. I am getting older, and need to quit jacking around with my health!

    OH!, if you want to be Fitbit friends, you can add me there, too!

    Thanks, and best wishes on all of your journeys! :smiley:
  • dezokay736
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    Hey everyone:) I'm Dez and I'm getting started on this weight loss journey hardcore
  • Beebreezee
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    My Weight loss/gain journey has been pretty up and down, starting with the freshman 20 i gained college. Every other year or so i get motivated enough to take my fitness goals seriously and get back down to my goal weight. I am most times successful. Then, through either laziness, complacency or stress i gain it all back, sometimes more. I'm almost 30 and looking to get in the best shape of my life. this app has helped tremendously in the past with calorie counting. But I'm ready to use MFP for everything it has to offer so that i can finally rid myself of this constantly yoyoing, stubborn and annoying weight. feel free to add me, Especially if you're in the Houston Area :)
  • 3M_TA3
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    Looking for people who are interactive...
  • TopCop52903
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    Hello. Feel free to add me!
  • planetcadillac
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    Hello people! Who likes to have fun outside and is motivated around other people. I am extroverted and enjoy encouraging other people. I love bike riding, walking, any kind of sports and recreation. My goal was to lose 25lbs. I have lost 10 in the last 9 weeks.
  • newmanel
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    Hi everyone. I was successful with MFP back in 2013, but going to law school got my fitness off course. Now that I'm at home studying for the bar exam, I have recommitted to MFP with a goal to lose about 15 lbs. I log everything and keep an open diary. In terms of fitness stuff, I love riding bikes, walking and hiking, dancing/Zumba, and playing sports (volleyball, basketball, soccer, literally any game--I just like competition). In terms of non-fitness stuff, I love drinking good beer and birding. I'm obsessed with RuPaul's Drag Race. I think that covers everything important. :) Add me! I don't mind if we have dissimilar goals; I am just looking for people who are motivated and real.
  • raquele3394
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    You can add me!!!
  • crushingitdaily12345
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    39/m from Wisconsin here... Down 48 lbs in 93 days here on MFP! Always looking for awesome friends to share this journey with!
  • Nishiix
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    Always nice to have supportive and motivating friends.
    Anyone is welcome to add me.
  • 1974becc
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    Anyone can add me also. Always excited to hear advice from others going through the same thing. I have lost 38 pounds in 145 days on MFP.
  • ellenfleischman
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    is anyone diabetic out there?
  • jsoko1
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    Back on to track my diet and weight training, currently down 6 kgs in 5 weeks, while mainting strength and endurane for my journey to the army. Follow my 3 month journey there. Gold coast Australia
  • alanncorie
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    Anyone can add me if they need a cheerleader. 37 year old single father of 2 young kids on a mission to regain control of my life.
  • jsoko1
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    Hey just to let everyone know also i have just written my first blog, please feel free to have a read and let me know what you think, happy shredding