Post here if you want more friends!



  • tk2222
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    Hi all, back in it for a longish haul again, add me! (Especially open-diarists...I love looking for ideas and inspirations.)
  • bagboodae
    bagboodae Posts: 1 Member
    I've had a difficult 4 years. Now I have an extra 18 kg to show for it. Your motivation will lead to a better me. Let's be friends :)
  • angeladilling
    angeladilling Posts: 5 Member
    Feel free to add me.
  • zorrocat
    zorrocat Posts: 153 Member
    Always looking for new friends. I'm on here every day trying to cut down a bit. Hitting a bit of a difficult time over the past few weeks with the last 5 pounds, so I could use all the support I can find. :)
  • dancefit2015
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    I need more friends on here!
  • cmdipa97
    cmdipa97 Posts: 10 Member
    Getting back on myfitnesspal after a few years. It worked for me many years ago, and I have a feeling it will again with a little bit of support.

    Feel free to add me, everyone!
  • RachelM2130
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    Feel free to add me
  • Cardiohater19
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    Posting here because obviously I want more friends.... :(
  • planetcadillac
    planetcadillac Posts: 137 Member
    Always looking for new friends that I can encourage. I love being active, being outdoors, bicycling, hiking, anything that keeps me moving.
  • crushingitdaily12345
    crushingitdaily12345 Posts: 577 Member
    Feel free to add me... I am on day 98 on MFP, and am down 51 lbs... I try to post regular tips, and advice on what I do that is working... And other than that, I am just a *kitten* awesome dude! :-)
  • rachelcalsbeek
    rachelcalsbeek Posts: 185 Member
    Hi all! I am about 10 weeks into tracking my food here and working out 6 days/week. I'm down 16 lbs so far, and would love to lose about 30 more. I've got to be honest - my main motivation atm is my wedding coming up in September, but this is a lifestyle I want to continue beyond that! Feel free to add me. I'm pretty active throughout the week (although on weekends I generally just track food and don't pay attention to my feed too much). :smile:
  • thephysiquemechanic
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    Hey there! Mechanic by day and Online nutrition consulting and strength training by evening as well as a personal trainer on weekends.
    NSCA and Precision Nutrition certified as well.
    I run a blog over at
    Been tracking my food for years now on here and recently as of March 1st started my first cut in over 2 years. I'm down about 16lbs and the end goal in late August is a photo shoot to show my clients and possible clients I practice what I preach and also for my website.
    Follow my journey over on Instagram if you'd like and I'd love to follow yours as well.
    IG: thephysiquemechanic

    My approach to dieting as I have learned through trial and error, and also based on the most recent science and literature by the likes of Alan Aragon, Eric helms, James Krieger and more.
    My nutritional strategy is of flexible dieting and don't believe in off limits foods!

    Anyways I hope to follow your journeys and see lots of progress being made!

  • apprelaw
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    always looking for new pals!! feel free to add :)
  • evilpoptart63
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    I do :)
  • TopCop52903
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    feel free to add me :)
  • mdbmartin
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    New to fp and looking to meet new people
  • RelentlessWill
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    Feel free to add me!
  • x_desertcolt_x
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  • ericajomckinney
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    Add me
  • ncakaem
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    I'm tired of yoyo'ing! I def need the extra help!