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If the stats on long term weight loss are so bad, why bother?



  • soufauxgirl
    soufauxgirl Posts: 392 Member
    Because I'd rather strive to be part of the successful few, than give up and languish in the unsuccessful many.

    ***Stolen*** thanks :D
  • gatamadriz
    gatamadriz Posts: 68 Member
    Life is what happens when you are between diets.
  • StevLL
    StevLL Posts: 921 Member
    It's something that always bothered me. We went from blaming fast food and processed food to now saying it's "who I am, I am a fat and I accept myself." I don't know about being good with being fat, I have never been good with my weight especially coming from a fit power lifting past. But the truth is I got fat because I made poor choices and stuffed my face, oh ya and I carried my weight well (seriously WTF kind of lie is that to tell ourselves). It took getting diagnosed with Kidney disease to realize my bad choices got me to this place and I either continue on or change. It's not fricken easy, but possible if we do the work. I got a health coach this time and I changed my relationship with food. I do not deny myself anything, I just choose to eat things that fuel and heal my body. When I started thinking in those terms, it became easier to make the right choices. I started on MFP in March of 2011 and lost 73 lbs and then gained back 40 of it. This round I have lost 53lbs since Feb 27th when I went into the hospital. I'm now 17lbs away from 100lbs lost from my highest weight of 371. I think the only thing that saved me this time was getting real with myself and as somebody else said on here, I got busy and did the hard work. To me, I am choosing a way of eating that promotes health and the weight is falling off without even trying and I am eating tons of food, but the right ones. I was one of those folks on here who would down a 24-ounce porterhouse and then cry about not losing. Hello, denial is not just a river in Egypt.

    Fight the good fight and be the oddball who beats the odds. Don't be a statistic, be a PITA to the number crunchers and prove them wrong.
    Good luck!
  • Kintsugi_Haikyo
    Kintsugi_Haikyo Posts: 361 Member
    Well, I guess it's kind of like building the pyramids of Egypt, you gotta have something to build your economy around.
  • clicketykeys
    clicketykeys Posts: 5,584 Member
    Why not?
  • moogie_fit
    moogie_fit Posts: 278 Member
    Because we all believe that 'we are special' and 'that won't happen to me'