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    Karn, thanks for the pictures, I didn't get any glasses so I will either make some Boy Scout glasses or watch it live stream. What I honk will be wonderful will be the quick 2 minutes I can see the stars. I am used to seeing particular stars and tomorrow I can see other stars. I will watch what I can on live stream but it might be hard to do that due to the high traffic on those sights.

    Michele, sometimes kids don't gave to say I love you. Your daughter is probably very thankful for what you have done and is so overwhelmed with what future MIL has done. She may not be able to vocalize those feelings yet. Hopefully it will be a marriage just between just the two and so,e one will tell MILmto bow out. She did her
    Reform ace and it is time to bow out. I know my diabetes don't need to tell me thank you. I know they thank me. Yes,not is nice to hear it. But I sense it, I just know it because I know my girls well enough. Both of them show me on so many ways, I don't always need a thank you although I wish I could tell my own Mom thank you for the many things I didn't even think about saying it for,

    PIp, I finally got to see your pictures. Your Airstream is wonderful.mwhere is there room for the dogs and your bikes? I'm sure there will be many trips that you will remember forever. Just don't break any bones again.

    Well I woke up this morning with the pain in my legs hurting pretty bad and a terrible headache. So I didn't go to church. I hate that. It has taken Tylenol every 4 hours, closing all drapes, keeping noise down and eating comfort food to get it so it is tolerable. But it really makes me worried about going off of my Narco for pain and Ambien. Tuesday I will take Advil routinely during the day and Aleve at night along with whatever sleeping aide I do take. I will be calling the doctors office tomorrow to get the dose of my Ambien cut in half. I just told Charlie to expect some sleepless nights. Michelle was unsuccessful in getting off her Ambien and I don't want to be like that. She just says that when Dr. C prescribed it he knew it was an addicting drug so it is his fault that she is addicted to it. I don't know what the next month or so is going to be like with no Narco and then no Ambien but I am trying. I am just glad I have one more day of the Effiant. So no more bruises!

    Allie, I hope you can rent that garages space. Is it close to 'your' condo?

    Joyce, Indiana be safe tomorrow
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    No biking tonight - knee not cooperating so going to try the elliptical.
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    Still reading, love all your posts. On a bit of a downer at the moment combination of stuff but will keep trying

    Kate UK :(
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    My husband and I are each struggling with a bad tooth just now.

    Mine broke, was filled, broke, had an expensive root canal, and is now broken again. :rage:

    I foresee dental work in our future.
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    kelly Joaquin is owning that helmet!!!

    I am in countdown mode. Clearing the decks to make sure I squeeze every bit of relaxation out of August before full tilt start of school. I get a little frozen in place when I think about it but I'm picking up steam, making some lists and just doing. DD is starting to pack, DH is slowly thinking about a rental car cause our cars are too small to get her gear up to school(darn cello!)

    Today I have an appointment at my gym to learn a couple of weight training tips, I'll let you know how that goes.

    Loving my mini IP, so far I've made hard
    Boiled eggs, stewed chicken and bone broth!

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    got a flat on my way to work, too far to walk back so i walked it to the gym, then to train station and will have to walk it home. happy monday - and this was my spare bike. :neutral:
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    Lagopus wrote: »
    I looked quickly through August to catch up, focusing mainly on the photos and on Allie's ongoing saga.

    Sounds as though things are progressing nicely for you, Allie!

    Heather - I was tickled that your pictures from Stockholm, Helsinki and Tallinn were so immediately recognizable to me. The Vasa too! I don't know how many times I've visited that museum. Living in Stockholm, one tends to go there whenever friends and relatives visit. Your pictures caught the iconic sights at these iconic sites.

    I suspect you'll find that your old Norwegian skills help you with your Swedish. >:) Yay Duolingo!

    Penny again

    Welcome back!!
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    Success! I got the uni's version of Oracle working on both my computers and have started going through my tutorials at home ... just in time for a test next Monday.

    There is hope, after all, that I'll brush up on my SQL and learn PL/SQL! :)

    Fortunately, in a way, we have a break from the long distance cycling events this coming weekend. A relaxing weekend at home will be a rare luxury! And also provide me with time to do a bit of studying.
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    My August Goals:
    ~ Stay under 1500 calories daily - not including exercise ---
    8/1 = 1,289 8/2 = 1,151 8/3 = 1,295 8/4 = 1,780 8/5 = 1,390
    8/6 = 1,323 8/7 = 1,454 8/8 = 1,275 8/9 = 1,114 8/10 = 548
    8/11 = 1,233 8/12 = 1,500 8/13 = 1,811 8/14 = 1,221 8/15 = 1,565
    8/16 = 1,429 8/17 = 1,391 8/18 = ?? 8/19 = ?? 8/20 = ??
    ~ Walk 5k steps daily ---
    8/1 = no app 8/2 = no app 8/3 = 3,980 8/4 = 4,675 8/5 = 7,306
    8/6 = 3,374 8/7 = 3,132 8/8 = 2,852 8/9 = 4,551 8/10 = 5,041
    8/11 = 4,211 8/12 = 7,250 8/13 = 5,011 8/14 = 3,218 8/15 = 5,364
    8/16 = 3,556 8/17 = 3,181 8/18 = 5,345 8/19 = 3,749 8/20 = 3,512
    ~ Plexus regimen ---
    8/1 = yes 8/2 = yes 8/3 = yes 8/4 = yes 8/5 = yes
    8/6 = no 8/7 = yes 8/8 = yes 8/9 = yes 8/10 = yes
    8/11 = no 8/12 = no 8/13 = no 8/14 = yes 8/15 = yes
    8/16 = no 8/17 = no 8/18 = no 8/19 = no 8/20 = no
    ~ WATER equal or exceeding 64 ounces ---
    8/1 = 80 oz 8/2 = 72 oz 8/3 = 64 oz 8/4 = 70 oz 8/5 = ??
    8/6 = ?? 8/7 = 66 oz 8/8 = 70 oz 8/9 = 56 oz 8/10 = 142 oz
    8/11 = 56 oz 8/12 = 64 oz 8/13 = 60 oz 8/14 = 48 oz 8/15 = 56 oz
    8/16 = 64 oz 8/17 = 64 oz 8/18 = 80 oz 8/19 = 64 oz 8/20 = 48 oz

    Took a MUCH needed break from the electronic world and focused completely on nature and family this weekend - I know I overate a few days, and didn't even attempt to log in or track my food...my steps and water I did, but I truly just didn't give a rip about my food intake this past weekend. Hope everyone has been well...

    Today, I'll refocus on it and get back on track. It was very difficult to be in Vegas while services for Scotty were in WA because no matter how I tried, I felt guilty for not being there. His son has contacted my son, and requested he come up to help me organize, but I'm not sure for how long I'll be able to keep the young muscles with me...we're working out the logistics now...

    Irony would be the call at 10pm last night from my son telling me his car wouldn't start. So, I rescued him, got the car started (needed a jump start) and followed him home. I was home in bed by 1130pm - normally by 9pm - so I'm dragging a bit today since I get up at 4am. New battery is on the agenda for today, with his sister providing transportation to WalMart to get it replaced AND new jumper cables!! I'm very grateful I taught my children to always have a $100 emergency fund to cover a flat tire or battery replacement - helps to also have tools and jumper cables...unfortunately, when his previous car was totaled, he couldn't grab those things out of the smashed in trunk. So, it's on my Christmas list for him...LOL!

    Much love and respect from Vegas,
    Dorrie aka TrulyDivyn
    "Once you label me, you negate me" --- S. Kierkegaard