Post 'em here. All those disappointing meals you thought were healthy but are really high calorie



  • seltzermint555
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    Pretty much any chain restaurant's salads or grilled chicken meals, like the Applebee's entrée shown above. I loved their Oriental Chicken salad and while I'm not sure of its calorie count, I know I could have had my much-craved hamburger instead. I also used to order spinach & artichoke dip instead of another entrée thinking it would be fewer calories than anything else on the menu. Nope.
  • kristen8000
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    All salads at any restaurant - don't even look at them anymore.

    What suprised me the most recently was Buffalo Wild Wings WHOLE menu. Recently they were required to put the calorie count on everything, which made it easier know what to avoid, but I had a hard time getting out of there under 500 calories.

    My BF and I made a pact that we split meals at restaurants now - so we can have what we want and still not over eat. It's really surprising just HOW much food you get in 1 meal. Sometimes now, we don't even finish one.

    The naked tenders from BWW aren't bad. 6 tenders for only 280 calories. You could even get them with a side of fries (330) and still come out at 610 calories. Dipping them in buffalo sauce won't add much either. The ranch will kill you though. And the beer.

    I ended up getting 4 naked tenders and ate half my BF's fries (the sharing thing wasn't on the table because he wanted all his Buffalitos...). It worked, but I was just amazed by the calorie counts...
  • Need2Exerc1se
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    Agree on granola. Crazy how high most of it is. Also guacamole and Caesar salad.
  • Zeuggma
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    A lot on the VeggieGrill menu is still high in calories. Also, as said, salads. Salads and all their little extra bits that sneak up on you!