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    I did this program a few years back. Lost 90 pounds. As soon as I started eating carbs again I gained 20 pounds back really quickly.. Now I just limit my daily carb intake. I was still able to enjoy alcohol it was just that I had to cut out beer. So vodka and soda water with a splash of lemon or lime. Seemed to do the trick.
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    No. I like carbs.


    this times 100
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    My diet is close to keto, but not quite. I'm at 15% carbs, but I usually don't reach that on a daily basis. I tried to bring my carbs up to a "normal" level and it was a disaster. I felt like crap and I ended up making very poor food choices.

    My bigger problem with the orthodox keto diet is that it doesn't call for enough protein, which I think is odd. For me it was only recommending something like 80g.

    So right now I have my goals set to 1600 Calories, 80C/80F/140P. I always try my hardest to hit my protein goal, and usually go over my fat goal. But carb goal is a non negotiable binding constraint.
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    psuLemon wrote: »

    And it should be noted that keto diets are terrible for muscle gains.

    worth stating.

    Men's Fitness just published this article, well worth reading
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    @lemurcat12 CICO seems to have improved. The CICO I learned since I was an obese 9 yr old and up through college was that "a calorie is a calorie...Doesn't matter what source it comes from... Eat less exercise more...You're fat simply because you eat too much and exercise too little." Now some of that may be true, but the idea that eating 2000 calories of high glycemic food vs. eating 2000 calories of low glycemic food will result in the same weight loss is BS. I was also taught that weightlifting only built muscle and did not burn fat and the only way to burn fat was through endless hours of aerobic activity. This was the 80's...

    CICO hasn't changed, maybe how it's talked about has changed, don't know.

    When I was younger (including in the '80s) I recall hearing that calories were what mattered for weight loss and that you lose by moving more and eating less (not those words, but the concept), but I never took from that that what you ate didn't matter for any purposes, including health (of course) and how you felt and how hungry you might be. Indeed, my mom's "if you are hungry, have a piece of fruit or some vegetables, if you don't want those, you aren't hungry" kind of went along with the idea.

    As for high GI vs low GI foods, I really think GI is overrated (although I think what we eat matters), and I am extremely skeptical that eating lots of high GI foods will decrease ones BMR. What I do think is that for many people foods that happen to be high GI (which are often also so called hyperpalatable foods that have lots of fat and refined carbs) will be less filling and easier to overeat, so that if you fill your diet with high GI foods you likely will be more likely to overeat (including but not limited to the fact you may well be hungrier). Does diet make a difference to how much people are likely to overeat (especially if they aren't carefully counting or find it burdensome)? Obviously!

    Now were the '80s a little overly obsessed with aerobics? I will not disagree with that! I wish I'd learned about weights back then too, but at least where I was it was not as commonly seen as a priority for girls or women. I do enjoy running and biking and swimming, but I wish I'd known about progressive lifting programs much earlier, as I think I would have gotten into it in a healthy way.
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    Yes! Keto has been great for me. I've lost 23 lbs since mid August. I feel so much better than I did before starting keto. ❤❤❤
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    @psuLemon Haha, you keep saying things I agree with! Yes, I agree about NEAT/TEA. Perhaps the reason I lose weight fast and have so much energy on keto is because my BF is well over 30% and it gives an endless source of fuel.
    Also agree that keto is not optimal for gains. But my problem is not that I want more muscle, I just want less fat.