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What’s something about u others find odd?



  • RastaLousGirl
    RastaLousGirl Posts: 2,095 Member
    Vikka_V wrote: »
    I eat my food from what I like the least on my plate to what I like the best.

    I used to do this until someone pointed out to me that if you get full before you are finished then you might not want to eat the best stuff.

    Ohhh.. I haven't run into that problem just yet. :o
  • RastaLousGirl
    RastaLousGirl Posts: 2,095 Member
    When I was younger, I could not stand BBQ sauce on any food, except the beanie weinies my mother made for us. As an adult, I love BBQ Sauce, especially from one of our local BBQ spots, and don't eat beanie weinies. You just grow into things sometimes.
  • FabulousFantasticFifty
    FabulousFantasticFifty Posts: 194,134 Member
    That I can do carpentry, Plumbing and electrical work ..etc.. pretty much build a home by myself all while wearing my Red lipstick ;)
  • YvetteK2015
    YvetteK2015 Posts: 653 Member
    I can't eat pizza from the front. I always have to eat the crust first, then work my way down. Not sure why, but I've been eating it this way since the 4th grade.
  • CaloricCountess
    CaloricCountess Posts: 202 Member
    Vikka_V wrote: »
    That I love counting calories, and weighing food.

    Me also!
  • beckieboomoo
    beckieboomoo Posts: 590 Member
    I was unsure what to put... Asked my partner he said "you aren't odd, just a *kitten* weirdo when we are messing about"
  • dawn_westbury
    dawn_westbury Posts: 358 Member
    That I can do carpentry, Plumbing and electrical work ..etc.. pretty much build a home by myself all while wearing my Red lipstick ;)

    Rock it!!!!!
  • dawn_westbury
    dawn_westbury Posts: 358 Member
    JLAJ81 wrote: »
    I don't f**ck with mayonnaise. ever. or anything with mayonnaise in it. ever.

    I'm the same way!

    I can eat a jar of mayo with a spoon. It is my favorite condiment.

  • dawn_westbury
    dawn_westbury Posts: 358 Member
    I will try anything to eat--not bugs--I think I draw the line at bugs. I love Limburger cheese, the smell of skunk, my food touching and mashed together, weird combos of food since it is all headed to the same place -- like ham and devil dogs, radish hot sauce on anything -- and so much more...

    I'm telling you guys srs...skunks do not smell good. You're only smelling a skunk which walked by. It's totally different if they spray in your vicinity...then it's olfactory hell for real. One skunk got into our ducts and got into a fight to the death with a raccoon...who won the fight...and then got stuck in the duct and died...probably in abject misery from the skunk smell.

    That *kitten* got pumped all through our house. We had to move out of the house. You just DON'T KNOW how bad it can smell and you never want to. Oh man...I can just think of it now. Just getting that off of YOU is not easy. All of your stuff?

    It's ruined.

    Throw it away.

    You don't want it anymore.

    It's far worse that smoke damage. That's who you call to try to fix the skunk issue. People who deal with the aftermath of fires. They seal your house and walk around in ghostbusters suits spraying ozone...haul all your *kitten* that you have to keep down to an ozone chamber and let it sit in there surrounded by ozone. Ozone can help break down many rotten smells through a chemical process. BUT it's also highly flammable when concentrated and you can't breathe it...so, idk how people on frontiers dealt with skunks.

    They probably hated them with a vengeance and set traps for them.

    I can tell when you drive by if a skunk was killed or sprayed ... the sprayed is SO MUCH MORE POTENT!! I couldn’t imagine that in my house! How’d exactly did that happen anyway??
  • pudgy1977
    pudgy1977 Posts: 13,503 Member
    Nothing...I'm perfectly normal in every way
  • leoraking
    leoraking Posts: 300 Member
    I only sound good singing southern gospel
  • Svanel
    Svanel Posts: 6,255 Member
    I tend to answer serious questions with a ridiculous accent. I'm not sure if it's to distract myself or the person asking.