What’s something about u others find odd?



  • Shawna2788
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    hellvee wrote: »
    I've had the lyrics to the whistle song by ying yang twins stuck in my head for the last 6 years some find this odd

    The whistle song? Thats juelz santana.

    did you possibly the whisper song?
  • Svanel
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    Shawna2788 wrote: »
    Ive been single for 3+ years...apparently that just seems crazy to people

    right? i've had co-workers try to set me up on blind dates. one was a fail from the first text lol
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    I like to drink vinegar and Worcestershire sauce
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    The bf says I snuggle my nose under his jaw/neck like a dog. :/
  • mlrtri
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    My feet feel trapped and uncomfortably confined when I wear socks/shoes. It's like I have claustrophobic feet. I pull off sandals as long as I can.
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    hellvee wrote: »
    I say really weird stuff during intercourse

    This also sounds completely normal to me...
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    I thought 'The Notebook' was insufferable garbage.
  • browneyedgirl749
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    People find it odd that I've never been married and I'll be 38 next month.
  • seltzermint555
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    pbandwine wrote: »
    I thought 'The Notebook' was insufferable garbage.

    Yeah, I found it very unremarkable and was surprised at the love for that movie and book.

  • FabulousFantasticFifty
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    How long my legs are then finding out how short I really am
  • marm1962
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    I eat one thing at a time on my plate, once it's gone then I move onto something else until that is gone. I don't take a bite or two of everything, don't know why but I have always done that
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    I can tell when you drive by if a skunk was killed or sprayed ... the sprayed is SO MUCH MORE POTENT!! I couldn’t imagine that in my house! How’d exactly did that happen anyway??

    omg it was a nightmare. So, basically this was a house that was in a fairly rural and forested area...and you would find things like skunks and raccoons. Anyway...this was a house with a crawlspace...and an example of each of those animals got in there...and up into some duct-work somehow. We had had trouble before with our cable TV going in and out...come to find...it's a possum under there chewing on wires. Like...it would just hang out...hanging from the cable just chewing on it. This is sort of a distraction but it's also funny. I got in there (I was in high school at the time) trying to figure out what was making my Sanford and Sons episode flicker and shone a flashlight on it...and I was like huh. Well, I guess if you're a possum that's just what you do all day. *kitten* like that. Go around eating people's TV episodes...LITERALLY for lols. He didn't run, either...just hung there.

    I left the door wide open and he ran out at some point because it stopped happening.

    So...the same idea, but skunk and raccoon get under there and somebody chewed their way all the way into our house and got into the HVAC system...somehow. And...these two animals encounter each other and fight to the death. And that PUTRID!!! smell got pumped everywhere in the house.

    It was just my mom and I in the house at the time...and oddly enough...we both had severe head colds and COULD NOT SMELL. So, as I woke the next morning on skunk D-DAY...I could tell something wasn't right...but I didn't really know.

    I did my normal routine. Got showered, dressed...packed lunch and went off to pick up my football buddy who I gave rides to school HE ALSO HAD a head cold. By this time...I'm wondering if I smell. I asked him...and he couldn't tell. So...we go to school for our 7:00 am AP chemistry class which is before regular school starts.

    My seat is on the back row, and my lab partner is this super nice girl...but very shy and she's very, very quiet always. She never speaks almost. So class gets underway and immediately I notice she's kind of...inching away from me. I get nervous. I start looking at her, and SHE STARTS CRYING. Puts her head on the desk and just quietly sobs. I'm thinking wtf man. Do I smell that bad? I still don't really know what's going on. The people in front of me turn around and look at me in disgust. It felt so bizarre...

    The teacher notices something odd happening and comes over to me...and immediately looks disgusted. And says...Mr. B, I'm sorry to tell you but one of your friends has played a prank on you and hit you with a stink bomb. Go home.

    I go to the office and when I open the door everybody stops what they're doing and looks at me with a weird face. I tell them I got hit with a stink bomb but I don't know who did it...and my teacher told me to go home. So, I call my dad to ask permission to go home and I can't get him. The office people are like IT'S FINE JUST LEAVE NOW.

    When I got home and opened the door to the house...our dog sprints out of the house, down the driveway...and down the street. Now...I'm in complete WTF mode. A wave of hellish stench slaps me in the face and I'm omg omg...there's a dead body in here I just know it.

    I pick up a butcher knife and begin clearing the house...opening all the doors expecting to find a dead body. But...there's none. I'm wondering if I should call the police to help find the dead body...but instead I go to my grandmothers house who correctly tells me that it's a skunk to blame for this.

    I took a shower in tomatoes and sauce and that helps with the smell...but it's so gross. Just not AS gross as being totally skunked. By this time of the day I can smell a little...as my congestion gets better.

    OH man...then it really started...we had to move out. I lived with a friend for idk...a couple-three months. A disaster service treated the house...we threw out all of our *kitten* that we didn't absolutely have to keep. It was something.

    I still had to go to football practice on that first day, and was just mortified thinking I would pick up a nickname like stinky and that would be my moniker for the rest of my high school days lol. But, the tomatoes worked.

    I cannot even!!!
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    Im a female who's been fishing for over 41 years now, and allergic to seafood...
  • Just_J_Now
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    My alcohol tolerance.