Things That Make You Irrationally Angry



  • BlueButterfly94
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    chelsy0587 wrote: »
    My coworkers. LOL

    Fake smiles that you know are fake...

    Feeeeeeel it. When you can hear them feigning interest and throwing the sugar on their words. GROSS. Just be real.
  • BlueButterfly94
    BlueButterfly94 Posts: 303 Member
    bruby28 wrote: »
    When people eat 2 bites of their chicken wing and don't clean the whole entire thing to the bone . Sick people .

    Dang. I gotta agree there. Or when they eat the very outer edges of an apple and leave nearly a whole apple left.
  • TorStar80
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    Where do I start?!
    Loud chewers
    Clipping Toe/Finger Nails in Public Places
    People who sit right beside me when there are tons of empty seats everywhere else
    Not pushing your garbage ALL the way down the chute and leaving your nasty bag for the next person
    Full lint screens ... seriously! Common courtesy, clean your own damn lint!
    Sneezing. I know I know. I even hate my sneeze.
    When I have 3 items at the store and I'm headed to the checkout, and someone with a full cart races to the same spot - not cool
    People who butt into conversations

    To name a few.
  • slimgirljo15
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    wimmen ooogling me in the gym, I mean - cmon peoples!! I'm not some piece of flesh for you to look at!! i have a mind too, ya'know???

    Im sorry :( I'll stop ogling ;)
  • sophie9492015
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    wimmen ooogling me in the gym, I mean - cmon peoples!! I'm not some piece of flesh for you to look at!! i have a mind too, ya'know???

    Haha! Take it as a compliment!
    ..... also now you know how women feel almost every single day. Lol
  • sophie9492015
    sophie9492015 Posts: 204 Member
    People leaving lids off things.
  • sophie9492015
    sophie9492015 Posts: 204 Member
    House mates leaving washing on the line for days.
  • Nikitazilla
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    That Allie chose Noah over Lon. It was such a dumb choice! Lon was clearly the better of the two! I want to grab her by the shoulders and shake her.

    Im not sure I can forgive you for this. But thanks for mentioning it, I'm going to watch it tonight!
  • teenster3
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    Bad drivers - no signaling, not stopping at crosswalks for kids/people who are waiting, too slow, riding my tail, no lights when it's dark outside, flipping me off/swearing for no reason, texting while driving.......grrrrrr
  • VeronicaA76
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    Texting at the gym, especially while occupying equipment.
  • bepeejaye
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    People that leave dogs (or children) in cars, especially during hot summers!
  • ashbabe25
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    Loud chewers. I have this colleague who's office is across from my desk and the sound of him chewing makes me irrationally stabby.
  • GlassAngyl
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    "I need friend!" "I need support!" "I need motivation!"

    These make me irrationally irritated. I don't really get angry.. just irritated.

    If you "need" validation to accomplish a goal.. that was never your goal to begin with. Attention was your goal. It's nice to have friends.. it's selfish to want others to shoulder the responsibility of your failures or successes.
  • Bry_Fitness70
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    While out watching a baseball game yesterday on a beautiful September evening in the Midwest, sunny and in the high 70s, I overhear: "OMG, it is soooooo bright out here!" another person fanning herself "It is soooo hot, seriously!"

    Okay, in a few months it will be in the 30s, it will be pitch dark around 5pm, and you will be stuck indoors most of the time. How about maybe appreciating having nice weather and enjoying it while it lasts?

  • FabulousFantasticFifty
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    How you can't post a Selfie on this site without at least one person criticizing you and accusing you of trying to get an ego boost! Or starving for attention! We should all be proud to share and never let these people bring us down!

    Lift each other up my Beautiful Peoples...That's what we're supposed to do for all of our Brothers & Sisters!!! <3
  • __twisted__
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    Unsolicited advice from out of shape people at the gym. Not cool.
  • Kastastrophie
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    Chomping gum like its cud. :|
  • Brimixed
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    Leaf Blowers
  • pudgy1977
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    Leaf Blowers

    That is irrational