Comment here if you want more friends!!



  • rArmantas
    rArmantas Posts: 44 Member
    Hi hi! Feel free to add me. Daily on!
  • dianaevlin
    dianaevlin Posts: 2 Member
    Add me too! Looking for motivated and dedicated people :smile:
  • Lilygator1017
    Lilygator1017 Posts: 14 Member
    I could definitely use some motivational people, feel free to add me! :)
  • bethjones2409
    bethjones2409 Posts: 4 Member
    Hey, feel free to add me, would be nice to see other people's progress!
  • shamikawinston7
    shamikawinston7 Posts: 6 Member
    Add me! Let's motivate each other!
  • unmeisen
    unmeisen Posts: 10 Member
    Please feel free to add me! I need to lose 40 - 50 lbs and I need all the motivation I can get :) Hope we can keep each other logging in daily!
  • ktillot
    ktillot Posts: 3 Member
    Hi! I'm Katie! I love meeting new people who are seeking motivation and inspiration. I love helping women find the eating plan that works best for them! If anyone needs some advice or help with planning your meals around your goals, I would love to connect! <3
  • MissMeans
    MissMeans Posts: 5 Member
    I'm a newbie….I could use more motivating people to connect with
  • Corinexox
    Corinexox Posts: 17 Member
    Feel free to add me!! Especially vegetarians! I'm a rejoined newbie!
  • ISparkyI
    ISparkyI Posts: 158 Member
    Feel free to add, finding more friends has helped me start to smash my goals. Cheers
  • stubbornashell
    stubbornashell Posts: 10 Member
    looking for friends who are also active and log daily. please feel free to add.
  • kateetak207
    kateetak207 Posts: 12 Member
    Yes! Can always do with more friends
  • Presleykay22
    Presleykay22 Posts: 2,446 Member
    Feel free to add me I am always looking forward to meeting new people who are active and can help me stay on track.
  • freakyfast694u
    freakyfast694u Posts: 23 Member
    add me
  • SaucyButternuts
    SaucyButternuts Posts: 13 Member
    Hi! I am new to MFP and looking for folks to help maintain the motivation.
  • Fitandabs
    Fitandabs Posts: 401 Member
    Add me for a chat, fun, motivation or anyhing else ;)!
  • melwalk78
    melwalk78 Posts: 11 Member
    Feel free to add me! Its always nice to have more inspiration and friends.
  • janetterdz93
    janetterdz93 Posts: 118 Member
    135+ pounds lost! On my way to running my very first 5k EVER! I couldn't even run a 1/10 of a mile without gasping for air, now this girl is running 3+ MILES! Without stopping!! Training so hard for my 5k and from there sky is the limit! Adddd me!!
  • evilpoptart63
    evilpoptart63 Posts: 397 Member
    I adore the people on my friends list but I can always use some more :) I spend a lot of time here! Im down basically 60lbs and have about 16lbs left to go and Im very determined to hit my goal!
  • JustaJoe00
    JustaJoe00 Posts: 777 Member
    Been here right around 2 years, new friends would be great! Need some new motivation! Have a great week! fitbit friends also?