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    Lost 70 lbs then I lost my job, struggled with depression and anxiety, got a new job and lost that one shortly after getting pregnant. I maintained my weight through it all until halfway through my pregnancy. After baby was born I had only gained 20 lbs but went on to gain another 30 lbs while breastfeeding. Anytime I tried cutting calories I'd lose milk production.

    Baby weened in March and here I am. I've lost 34 lbs since returning and need to lose 16 lbs more to hit my pre-pregnancy weight. After that I will have 60 - 70 lbs to lose to reach my goal. I can't wait to start hitting new lows and exercise has been better for my depression than any medication (not to say meds aren't needed for some but I suddenly had suicidal thoughts on them so gave them up).

    I totally agree on the medication issue. I made the mistake of quitting mfp, the gym, my cycling and going out even when I was put on a drug called Cybalta. I ended up border overweight for the first time in my life. I had always remained around 140-145 Ibs until that point, regardless of what I did. I should have, with hindsight, ridden through the situation that led me to stop the gym and never have gone onto medications. I had managed to get by without for so long.

    I took myself off them once I managed to think through the 'I don't care about anything' fog and am weaning myself off another medication I went on to control my tendency to get agitated in the evenings. Exercise has done more for me these last few weeks than either of those medications ever did.

    Good luck getting to your goal and living a healthy lifestyle.

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    So, I want to hear your personal stories as to why you regained the weight, and what you would do differently with hindsight.

    Would you have stayed on mfp longer, tracking, until you had been in maintenance for a year?
    Would you have lost weight less aggressively so that it was easier to adjust to maintenance?
    Was your entire focus on the weight loss rather than on changing your entire lifestyle?
    Did something health related come up that caused you to 'fall off the proverbial wagon' ?

    I, personally, made the mistake of leaving both mfp and the gym and of training at an intensity that was not sustainable in the long term. Leaving this site and that lifestyle lost me a large amount of the fitness and self esteem I had worked so hard to obtain. I was not overweight, but was using mfp to refocus an unhealthy obsession with weight and convert it into a goal of being as fit, lean and strong as I could. So, tell me your stories ...

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    Was here before too. I regained the weight when I started eating back my favorite foods. Used stress and "because I want to" as an excuse, gained weight. now back losing it. what is keeping me - motivation to want to do it for good this time, and found a way to eat the way I want to eat the rest of my life. watching out what triggers me into overeating. and choosing to eat the foods that will make me lose weight. I'm on a roll and don't want to stop nor desire to stop. I set small goals. the one I have right now is when I lose 20 more pounds, I will be at the weight I wanted to lose at Weight Watchers, but was not successful because I went back to my fattening old habits. so it will be exciting when I get to that point, it feels like I'm in a marathon and I am not quitting while I'm still running the race. the last time I was at this weight was in 2003. So it is not worth it to give all that up.
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    In Dec 2012 I got down to a little under 190. I was starting to get some decent exercise habits and using MFP to log. I gained it all back - about 35 pounds. I can tell you exactly what happened. My company decided that we needed to dump our ERP and install a new one. The final product was selected in Nov and we started meeting with the vendor in January. We went live October 1.

    This consumed my life. I am so angry at myself for letting that happen. No job is worth the stress that I went thru, but my focus area is payroll and I was not going to let that be messed up for 6,000 employees. After our first run we had less than 10 corrections to make. I am proud of that.

    The next several years were comprised of getting the financial systems up to speed and dealing with staff turnover - including replacing myself which I have done two times. This second one seems to have stuck. I think I am going to look for opportunities after our fiscal year end close because I am ready for a change. This 13 year job was only supposed to be for 7-8 years.

    My goal is to reach 175 then evaluate where I want to end up.
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    Between October and June I regained 40lbs. The first 10 I expected due to being more sedentary in the winter, but the next 30 happened between March and June, and stress binging was the culprit. I got to a point where I simply stopped caring.
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    Like anything it takes consistency. I lost and started feeling a bit too good in my own skin! Plain and simple then came the food passes and next thing I know the scale said, STOP TRIPPING, BOO! I see and feel you at a 27.5 weight gain. Then I just AGAIN start giving myself more passes. Not cool! So, I'm back. I liked the way I felt and want that back.
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    I lost 30 of my 50+ lb goal. Was going through a lot of family stress, was out of town and having a harder time exercising. I hit a plateau and got discouraged and depressed on top of everything else. I quit logging thinking I would maintain what I was doing for awhile and start again when I got back home. By the time I got home I was out of the habit and never did get back to it until now 2 years later. Weight didn't drop but didn't come back for some time so I thought I was OK. Over the next two years I watched 5 lbs at a time add itself to the scale, but couldn't get motivated to log on and start over. Finally one day it happened (nearly hit the big 200 mark) and here I am. Unfortunately now I have all 30 lbs plus a few to lose again, not to mention the 20 or so I never got to.
    -Yes, this time I will stay on for at least a year on maintenance. Its easy to think you know what to eat, but without accountability it is too easy to slip in an extra snack or two over and over again.
    -No, I don't think I was too aggressive. I started at a 2 lb/week loss for 2 months, then dropped to 1 lb, then probably was at 0.5 when I got discouraged and quit. I'm doing the same this time.
    -I didn't change my lifestyle too much except to add exercise, which I quit afterwards. I have eaten a healthy diet for years, don't eat out often, little to no fast food, little sugar, avoid processed foods. My problem was and is over-snacking (boredom/cravings) which I will probably always fight. I don't want exercise figured into the equation, because I do not want to have to count on it as a maintenance factor, but rather a bonus if I keep it up.
    -Yes, mental health....extreme stress due to a problem with family member.
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    I lost 72 lbs, then, when I gained back 16 lbs in 3 months (a long vacation followed by a lot of travel and work stress), I thought I could get back on the wagon without using calorie logging, just weighing in. It was too easy to then stop weighing in. I put on 5+7 more lbs.. got half back on track. In the end I went up a total of 30 lbs of the 72. I'm down 10 of them, going to go down 20 more. When I was at the "up 20 lbs" point, I became SO DEMOTIVATED and sad. If I could do it again, I would not punish myself so hard, mentally.

    I wish I had continued weighing myself, good or bad. I wish I had realized that, when I have a gain, I have to go back to calorie counting. I can maintain pretty well daily but big trips can throw me for a loop (at all you can eat/drink resorts for 1-2 weeks.. yeah).

    This all said.. I maintained my exact weight for 6 months with limited calorie counting and weighed within 1-2 lbs of my end weight for over a year.
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    In 2010, I lost about 80 pounds. I counted every calorie and started running a lot. I began doing marathons and other, shorter races. Then, I got into the mindset of "Hey, I just ran 20 miles, I can eat whatever I want today." That became, "I'm running 20 miles tomorrow (or yesterday or in 3 days), I need to eat more to fuel up or refuel". I stopped the whole CICO thing and put weight back on. Slowly at first, but then a knee injury took me out of running and other exercising and put my fat *kitten* back on the couch and eventually putting all but 9 of those 80 pounds back on.
    Now, I'm back down almost 44 pounds since mid-August and starting to run again (hopefully my knee will hold up). I've learned that I'm going to have to permanently change my eating habits. CICO is what works for me more than anything else and I need to remember that.