What Mini Goal is motivating you right now!



  • Bederf48
    Bederf48 Posts: 1 Member
    edited November 2017
    Mini goal - wearing my new unstreched shoes that are the same size as my current (worn out) shoes, but dig into my feet near my ankle.
  • beerfoamy
    beerfoamy Posts: 1,521 Member
    Booked hair appointment for January - new short cut and purple/black/dark blue colour.

    So that's a goal date.
    Want to be at first MFP official goal of 12 stone! 13lbs to lose in 8 weeks!

    .....actually that might be bit tight, especially over the holiday period! definitely won't beat myself up if I don't make it! thought there was more weeks.


    (secondary goal from this - not to gain over Christmas period :D)
  • daraalt
    daraalt Posts: 30 Member
    my mini goal is to get below 150 in the next few weeks. :)
  • Archcurl
    Archcurl Posts: 239 Member
    Im back into logging. I just needed a break for a while. But my minigoal is trying to get my new white pants i have to wear for judging in a competition to fit perfectly! I bought them too small, well, very tight, because i won't be wearing them too much and i will definitely be a little smaller by the time I've passed the exam and have to wear them again!
  • SbetaK
    SbetaK Posts: 380 Member
    candjmunoz wrote: »
    I am trying to get below 200 by Christmas. Merry Christmas to me!

    Excellent idea, Candjmunoz! Uncle Visa usually buys me one luxury for the holidays, think I will adopt your idea, and will benefit my health AND my bank account. Happy Holidays to both of us!

  • pattibirk
    pattibirk Posts: 21 Member
    Cutting out soda and drinking more water
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