What your opinion on the keto diet?

I being doing it and have lost a stone. I stopped it for a bit now back on it , I feel I am either doing it right or I am more strict . Has anyone else been on it? And how did you find it?


  • ClockWorKitten
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    So far yeah, I have a bread weakness so I thought I would find it difficult but I seem to be managing. Another problem for me is motivation, I have depression and anxietys so at my low point I find it difficult. But it seems to be going ok.
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    I think it's good for those who enjoy it, and healthy if you make healthy choices (as with any other way of keeping a deficit). (IMO, that means make sure to eat a good amount of vegetables, avocado, nuts, and you can be in keto eating more than 20 g net carbs).

    I tried it for a while because I like experimenting with things, and found it kind of fun (experiments are usually fun for me) and not as hard as I expected for the winter/early spring months (outside of that I miss fruit or, right now, all the root veg and winter squash and potatoes/sweet potatoes that I am overrun with). As a longer term way of eating I prefer more carbs and less fat, and I didn't experiment any miraculous or life-changing results -- felt fine doing it, but same as I normally do when eating a decent diet.

    I think some find it really helps their appetite or eliminates foods they find difficult not to overeat while not making them feel deprived. On the other hand, I think you certainly don't need to low carb or do keto to lose, so I would only do it if I really liked it. I'm currently trying to greatly reduce the animal products I consume, so it would be hard for me to enjoyably do keto under those conditions (for me keto was easy when it was eggs/veg and meat/veg).
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    I just started it, like today, just started. I am
    Going to do my best to adhere to it until Christmas and see how I like it. I want to give it an honest 30 day try. So far so good lol. I’m going to town on Pinterest for recipes and there are tons out there. I know it will take a while to find my rhythm with it. Any good threads to follow or groups to join?
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    I did Atkins a couple of times, which is similar, I think. I lost weight on very low carb diets, but it wasn't really sustainable for me. I found after a while I was cheating once or twice a week and then when i had lost the weight I wanted to lose, I ended up regaining most of what I lost. I missed fruit, bread and sweets too much. It was good in breaking some habits about what I eat regularly and it made me look twice at certain foods: was I eating them because I actually really liked them, or just because I was used to eating them (i.e. French fries.)
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    Working in a hospital all my life, I have a hard time supporting something as unnatural as purposely putting oneself in a state of ketosis. I'll feed my brain glucose not ketones. Besides I found it very hard to reduce my carbs low enough to even stay on a very low carb diet for long, and the high fats raised my already elevated lipids to extremely high levels. On the other hand, I guess it works for some, and apparently there are no long term health affects identified.

    Did you test your lipids before and after Keto dieting? I'm curious as I have genetically high lipids and wondered if this would make it worse or better, not eating carbs...as carbs increase lipids. Thanks!
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    Keto is great for thee, not for me.