Late 20s / early 30s women



  • darthCP91
    darthCP91 Posts: 4 Member
    Hi! I’m 26 will be 27 in April. I just started on the 1st and I need to lose 120lbs to start with. Feel free to add me !
  • KaciWood19
    KaciWood19 Posts: 554 Member
    Hi! I'm 28 and looking to lose 40 lbs. feel free to add me!!
  • stephsheets
    stephsheets Posts: 1 Member
    Hi! 32 here, have 3 children, still have 15lbs to lose and would love to have accountability partners
  • neesa_ross
    neesa_ross Posts: 39 Member
    Hey I am 26 and 65 pounds down but I still have about 71 I want to lose. Feel free to add me!
  • Hi ladies! 31, mommy of a 2 year old, and about 25-30 pounds to lose! Feel free to add! I will be logging and supporting daily!
  • CarpStylist
    CarpStylist Posts: 24 Member
    I’m 35 but want to lose 20 to 30 lbs. I would love an accountability partner as I forget to log often.
  • andrearn0
    andrearn0 Posts: 2 Member
    Wd love to join too! Hoping to lose 20.
  • nkolpean
    nkolpean Posts: 94 Member
    I’m 33, mommy of a 4 year old and 1 1/2year old. I’ve lost 25lbs, still want to lose another 30lbs. You can add me!
  • AprilNewYear18
    AprilNewYear18 Posts: 45 Member
    I'm 26, looking to lose 27lbs! Would love accountability friends!
  • gillythyme
    gillythyme Posts: 52 Member
    It's snow storming here so I had to keep the kids home from daycare. That means I had to improvise my workout and do a video on the tv while the kids were occupied playing. I made it work even though it wasn't my best work out. I hope you ladies are having a good time and fitting in those workouts! I've lost 2 pounds since Monday! This week is going strong! All the best! Gillian.
  • Ohhhtayyyy
    Ohhhtayyyy Posts: 49 Member
    Hi everyone! I’m 27! I also just started working out and eating healthy again! Feel free to add me xox
  • kempt88
    kempt88 Posts: 4 Member
    I'm 29, 30 in April.
    I'm looking for support / motivation too .
    I find weekends most difficult , I cannot deal with temptation at all but my partner can eat whatever he wants and not gain anything!
    the worst thing for me is not having anyone who will agree with me or support me in my weight loss. I think because I'm not obese people always feel the need to say 'diet , you ? nooooo, don't be silly' and once I'm tempted I listen to them . the fact is I've put on 1 and half stone and I need to lose this to feel better .
    feel free to add
    good luck everyone
  • KJfromCali
    KJfromCali Posts: 34 Member
    Hi all! 33 from Los Angeles. I’m down 20 and have 20 until my first goal. Ten more to my final goal. Add me! I’m on here a lot and try to be encouraging.
  • daisybelle30
    daisybelle30 Posts: 8 Member
    Love that there are so many ladies here that are willing to help each other out!

    Hope you have all had good weeks! I managed to avoid all the naughty treats in the office this week - a massive achievement for me!!
  • Cyclone2011
    Cyclone2011 Posts: 51 Member
    Hi everyone! I just turned 29 in December and this will be my second go-around. I have two little boys and need to lose 100 pounds. :s
  • Annacabbie
    Annacabbie Posts: 4 Member
    Hi I’m in a same boat. I’m 30, I need some motivation to start once again.
  • AjasMum
    AjasMum Posts: 11 Member
    I'm 26 with 2 kids,
    SW: 194
    CW: 190
    GW: 150
    I've used MFP off and on for a couple years, but I've only been counting calories consistently for about a week. I've lost a few pounds to keep me motivated. I want to be able to keep up with my kids!
  • lisa35120
    lisa35120 Posts: 230 Member
    Hi, I'm 29 also and I want to lose about 30 pounds. I have been trying off and on for several years now and I am finally getting back on track. Feel free to add me.
  • astone0489
    astone0489 Posts: 21 Member
    Just sent you a friend request!
    I'm 28 and my cw is 230lbs and looking to get down to 145lbs.
    Best wishes! ✨
  • Pieceofcake86
    Pieceofcake86 Posts: 5 Member
    Anyone can add me. I'm 31, working on losing my last 15lbs. It took me 6 months to lose the first 15 and I need motivation to keep going.