Where my 30 somethings? ❤️



  • jessicagreen1828
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    Just turned 30, and might be telling people I’m 29 for a few more years ;) hahaha
  • andrade313
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    32 and also looking for motivational FP Friends. I’ve also gotten off track this past year and I want to get back at it. My goal is to lose 20-25 lbs and stay healthy! Feel free to add me!
  • sadiepie10
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    Feel free to add me! I’m 5’8 with around 40lbs to lose. I’ll be 31 in April!!
  • RicoFit14
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    Early 30's here. Fitness is my life. 195-220lbs Depends on where I'm at in competition prep.
  • ngoat
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    nj0124 wrote: »
    33 in a few weeks... I am finally admitting /coming to terms with the fact that my body isn't respondonding like it did in my 20s, at which point I was still in denial and gripping onto high school /college! Working on being satisfied, losing weight, being healthier, and knowing that I'm going to continue to get older, which doesnt mean I need to get fatter! At the same time, it's unrealistic to think I'll have my 16 yr old body back, and I know it's ridiculous but I can't shake that idea . It was literally half my life ago

    I feel the same way!
  • sjezip
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    Add me. Looking to drop 30 lbs. I’m in my late 30’s.
  • jpudding2017
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    I am all in!!! I am 35 years old and trying to not beat myself up for gaining it all back! I was down to 125 lbs in 2013 and now I was back at 167 Lbs in December! Last night I showed 160 Lbs! So I need to just keep it going!
  • BeamingBadass
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    31 here. I'm always trying to improve myself and be the best version I can be! Anyone can add me
  • BackToBikini
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    Hi guys! I'm 33, and ready to lose the weight to be the same weight I was after having my first 4 years ago! I am doing South Beach because I need a program to stick to, but then I will be going back to whole eating/ paleo/AIP.
    This is a journey that I am ready for with every ounce of my body, so I can not wait to begin it! Anyone looking to join me, feel free to add me! I will be posting weekly photo updates as well to keep myself on track... because I know thats the only way I can ever SEE a difference :)
  • Raquel_Mama
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    Coming up on 35 here! Feel free to add me :smiley:
  • Banana9246
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    I’m 39. Ack. Last year in my 30s. And I want to lose the 10 lbs I creeped on this last year. I would love friends and support in this process.
  • sbaker123
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    I am 34 and trying to lose another 20-25 pounds. I would love some motivation buddies!
  • tigersjake
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    I’m 33 and weigh 192 looking to get to 175 and just be a healthier person in general. Maybe I’ll be able to keep up with my kids. Just looking for some friends to keep me accountable and provide some motivation since I’m going at this alone.
  • jacqueline0821
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    I’m 30 and just above 200 lbs. looking to lose about 85 lbs. feel free to add me.
  • usafmedic83
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    34 years old here and will be turning 35 next month. *cry* I lost 15 lbs and was working out 5 days a week. I broke my foot while at the gym. (Nothing bad *kitten*...just didn’t lift my foot while taking a P90X class, rolled it, and the 5th metatarsal snapped like a chicken bone
  • Wingsont84
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  • angelicpiece101
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    I'm 34, and trying to get back on track. I've got about 50 lbs I'd like to lose. I'd love some ppl to try and help keep me motivated.
  • thaithyme
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    31 and halfway to 32! Looking to lose about 40 (weight I put on after my divorce). Looking for new friends so feel free to add me!
  • Generality
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    I just turned 30... I am 149 and 5'5
    I want to be about 125/130 :)
    Gained weight as a result of an illness that had me bedridden for almost two years..