What was your first “I’m getting fat” realization?



  • SusanDSME
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    When I started using excuses to avoid climbing one flight of stairs. That, and the biggest size 12s I could find didn't fit anymore.

  • seltzermint555
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    I was fat from about age seven onward so there wasn't a real "moment of realization" honestly. I always knew I was fat. But the big moment of realization for me was the first time I couldn't keep up with normal weight peers, and surprisingly that occurred when I was 29 or 30 years old and out of breath from going up stairs on a business trip. I started changing for the better then.
  • PoppyFlower1
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    I never ‘ got fat’ lol only fatter, I’ve been fat for years
  • Good_Morning_Glory
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    When my husband told me my stomach looked like a stretched out marshmallow and it was so disgusting it looked evil, not like something that should ever exist on a human. Figured it was time to lose the baby weight. I was already insecure about my weight but that was what lit my fire and helped me get my willpower together and actually do something about it

    WOAH. If my boyfriend said something like that to me there would be *kittens* to pay! There's a difference between telling someone you love and care about that they are overweight and you are concerned for their health and telling someone they look disgusting. That's not love, that's cruelty IMO. Not sure how you found willpower from that. :/

    Unless it’s a common way of communicating together in jest (still, really callous with its own issues) I’d have found the willpower to get a lawyer.

    Edited because I continued reading. Marriage counseling is a step in the right direction, I hope they recommend you both partake of personal counseling as well. Emotional abuse is tragic. The scars are profound.

    Healing thoughts toward you.

  • penny0919
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    Can't fit in my scrub pants
    Can't wear my wedding rings
  • debbiesteinman
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    I gained over 50 pounds after quitting smoking back in 2014. I hated it but I had to get my quit solid before trying to get the weight off. I had so many rolls yuck measurements 48-44-49 holy cow weight 178 pounds and I'm 5'4". I was short of breath all the time and so out of shape because of being so tired of fighting the battle of smoking. I was always in good shape and it was very depressing to see the weight pile on but I knew it was also that my metabolism had slowed to a crawl and my incessant appetite for those comfort foods. I joined a gym in November 2014 and hired a trainer for a year to help me get my body back and get healthy. It was a long slow battle and now 3 years later I am strong and lost over 40 pounds. I have the last 10 pounds to lose so I've been struggling to find the solution since I've been in a plateau for the last 6 months. I will eventually get there and I'm so happy to have all that weight off my body. I feel great now.
  • Starsetxo
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    Mine was when my pants were getting tighter and when I started feeling like a potato when I looked in the mirror lol
  • kimberlystans
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    Not only were my slacks too tight but I was getting major heartburn a lot. This was not a norm for me. Plus I was extremely tired all the time.