What was your first “I’m getting fat” realization?



  • MarcA1218
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    A few moments led me to want to make a change. One was on vacation we went to Universal and my brother in law couldn’t get on the ride because it didn’t close- then I got on it but locking the seatbelt for the rollercoaster wasn’t easy- I was afraid it would snap during the ride. Another was really just looking at pictures. It’s a way to see yourself from the outside and that’s hard to ignore.
  • Rajions
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    I would try to go clothes shopping and everything I wanted to wear didn't fit. I almost cried when I put on a bathing suit. I saw a picture someone took of me and I was so big, I couldn't believe it. At that point I decided that it is finally time to get myself together. I'm going on another cruise in October and I will be slim thick! Lol
  • wryone4
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    My bra starting getting uncomfortable. I knew it was time to get back on the wagon.
  • gymprincess1234
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    When my dimples start to fade
  • thiswillhappen
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    My clothes feeling tighter, and turning 30 and realizing that I looked bigger than I did 1-2 years ago.
  • girlwithcurls2
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    Tight pants

    Couldn't have said it better myself...
  • GOT_Obsessed
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    mortuseon_ wrote: »

    Dress I'd had for years (which I wore to graduation) was visibly too tight, especially at the back. My face also looked tubby and in some of the photos I looked vaguely pregnant. I think I was really disappointed that the photos of that day had to be so bad. I did get this amazing edit out of it, though (sadly, our cat could not attend).

    I am really sorry that happened to you and your flet so hirrible. But I gotta say that picture is awesome!
  • GOT_Obsessed
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    Wow my typing was horrible, oops!
  • Jtucker19742018
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    Denial....now ready for action. Noone treated me bad, but my baby is 2 and it's time to get back to my size 6 ( now 10). Pics are still ok, but bathing suit....not so much.
  • h1udd
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    Just realised ... I never realised I was “getting” fat .... I more woke up 1 day and seeming had become fat