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    I woke up yesterday to a pool of water on the basement floor. I was hoping it was the humidifier drain line so I shut it off and vacuumed up the water. The water kept pooling. hmmm....Now I think it's probably a leaking water heater.

    I have 7.5 miles to run today. I'm trying to decide if I should run first or play plumber first. I installed our current water heater and if I can find one the same dimensions it should go pretty easy, but still take 4 or 5 hours including shopping and cleanup.

    Last night I did get 4 miles in with Kody. The roads were really clean so I made it a tempo run after the first mile.

    Luckily our water heater is in the garage. Just last week we had to replace the over pressure valve that leaked.

    Hope the culprit is an easy fix!
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    Yesterday’s medal.

    Diggin' the bling, yo! Congratulations!
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    I think we all run for similar reasons. Oh what's his name, @skippygirlsmom @shanaber the fella that stopped at McDonald's on his marathon? He overcame er fought some battles, Burke?. Lone Wolf has hip replacements, kitty-depression, I've never been right... :anguished: I'd guess the majority of runners are using running to cope, deal and be the best version of themselves (like in The Good Pace). Haha! Lots of TV for me! I've had too much ice cream.

    Addictions, OCD, depression, anxiety, illness, eating disorders, abuse, and so on... the more immersed in the running community I’ve become, I swear half of us are Forest Gump running away from inner turmoil.

    Ha! Too True. Too true.
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    @RunTimer - I tore a hole in a pair of Nathan gloves that I'd bought on clearance at the end of a winter 2 or 3 years ago, don't know the model name. There were no Nathan gloves in the store, and all the Nathan gloves on Amazon seemed pricey. Size selection and models were thin on eBay, but I ended up ordering a pair of Nathan Transwarmer men's Medium from eBay. We'll see how they work when they get here. Normally I wear a size large, but the gloves I just ruined were a medium that I could get my hands into in the store; and they stretched out to be nice and comfortable for a long time.

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    Sam's warehouse near my job closed....so sad. I don't understand it...it was always busy and it was where I purchase my fresh vegetables and fruit in bulk. Also gas was about 30 cents cheaper per gallon. It was also good exercise to walk the warehouse. Oh well. I'll probably shop at Fresh Thyme.

    From what I read, the stores they closed were in locations where there were other warehouses close by. Sucks though. :-(

    They closed locations that weren't profitable, including the one near me. They reassigned me to a "home club" an hour's drive away, with the most convenient route being a toll road. When not running, I've been contemplating how to claim the cash back I earned on the Sam's MasterCard in 2017 when there is no local club to schelp it into, and how life with no warehouse club membership is going to function.