How to approach girls in the gym???

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What's the best way haha?


  • ZQGainz
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    I would be turned off if a man approached me at the gym. I just want to do my workout and be left alone.

    Totally understandable. I know some girls are like that
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    *In* the gym, don't.
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    caiteh86 wrote: »
    I can think of a couple of guys at my gym that I'd be happy to have approach me! Haha...but, not in the middle of my workout. Make some eye contact, smile and say hey how's it going! Be friendly and casual, don't be creepy or overbearing. You'll know pretty fast if the girl is on the same page. Try that a few times and then if you're feeling particularly ballsy one day, try and catch her on her way out and make some small talk. Work up to cool. ;)

    Thanks! Yeah I wouldn't do it during their set haha
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    mram3582 wrote: »
    you should pull their pony tail and scream that they have the cooties....this is a tried and true method.

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