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CICO is overrated in my opinion



  • JBApplebee
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    ladyreva78 wrote: »
    CICO is important definitely but i think it shouldn't be a priority we want to LOSE FAT not just WEIGHT because weight includes those wonderful muscles you work so hard to build (and other stuff) . Also the human body is very intelligent if you eat low calorie for a long time like i did in the past you might come to find that your body adjust to your low calorie lifestyle and you lose weight but you look unhealthy . If you want to make your body let go of fat you have to be healthy , being malnourished is not healthy or pleasant. So please promote fat loss not weight loss .

    Pssst: I even eat chocolate every day and pizza on a weekly basis because I know it's not the what but the how much that matters for weight loss.

    WHAAAAAT? How much you eat matters? You mean I can't make 5 trips to an all you can eat salad bar every day & lose weight? But I'm eating healthy! What kind of sorcery is this?
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    AnnPT77 wrote: »
    I was raised Christian, United Methodist specifically, and my mother was a believer to her bedrock, the kindest and warmest sort, not a rigid or overbearing type. While I think my dad was at heart a deist, he was a bit more of a free thinker.

    I was a strong believer into my teens, but began to struggle with doubt. I'm fundamentally rationalist at my core, and that makes faith a viscerally hard sell.

    Sometime in my late teens or early twenties, I came to a realization: Whether I believed in a deity or not, my behavior would be exactly the same. I have a very strong sense of ethics and morality (maybe an idiosyncratic one, but strong, and fairly Golden Rule oriented ;) ). To me, my actual actions seemed at least as ethically based as those of the believers around me.

    At that moment - and it really was kind of just a moment - I decided I didn't care whether there was a god, and I literally stopped worrying about it.

    These days, I remain a committed agnostic. I deeply respect others' faiths, and don't argue with them about metaphysics. It's faith, not logic. I expect others to respect my beliefs, too. I grow big scary metaphorical teeth if they try to convert me. And to the extent I form judgements about people - which I try to keep to a practical minimum - I judge based on actions.

    I love this. Almost identical to myself, except I was raised Mormon. I've never been able to put it into words like this though.
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    I obsessed over CICO and eating healthy at the same time. Results were phenomenal. Now I am still doing CICO in order to keep my weight. CICO is not overrated for me.