Deadlifts - leg day or back?

I believe deadlifts are one of the best excercises you can do but I find most people either don’t do them right or don’t do them at all. How often do you deadlift and if so do you do them on leg day or back or neither? Also feel free to share your PR.

Currently I am deadlifting on back day once and week and my PR is 500 and done at 190lbs.


  • marissafit06
    marissafit06 Posts: 1,996 Member
    I do them on Back
  • Okiludy
    Okiludy Posts: 558 Member
    My split is upper lower and I do them on lower.
  • jw1jones323
    jw1jones323 Posts: 1 Member
    I do them on back day, then 3 days later do legs. My PR is 585 at 230
  • tess5036
    tess5036 Posts: 942 Member
    I do them on leg day, but I am only a beginner
  • Wheelhouse15
    Wheelhouse15 Posts: 5,575 Member
    I put them on lower body days.
  • Mycophilia
    Mycophilia Posts: 1,225 Member
    I find that deadlifts stimulate & fatigue my hamstrings/glutes way more than my erectors/traps, therefore I do my deadlifting on leg days.
  • Davidsdottir
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    My split is actually legs and back 2x a week; chest, shoulders, and arms 2x a week; and glutes alone 1x a week. I do conventional one day, sumo one day, and RDL one day.
  • emelym1993
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    Just depends. Leg days I do heavy Sumo Deadlifts & mix in hip thrust& RDLs (lighter/High Rep) etc. && Back days, If Im feeling up for it ill do conventionals. I deadlift at most 2-3xx a week. But If Im on prep, I dont deadlift on my back day just on leg days.
  • Chino50ae
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    It's a back exercise
  • ninerbuff
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    I do hamstrings alone, so I do them together on this day.

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  • h1udd
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    I do an A and B full body workout 3 times a week alternating A and B ... squats are in A and deadlift in B ... I wouldn’t want to squat heavy and deadlift heavy on the same day .. both of them totally wipe my out and stress the muscles hard ... I think I would injur myself trying to push the floor away from the bar after doing 5x5 on squats
  • cwolfman13
    cwolfman13 Posts: 41,874 Member
    I do an A/B 2x per week full body program. I do deadlifts in workout B.
  • hulkbuster2503
    hulkbuster2503 Posts: 1 Member
    I do two types of deadlift. Basic and sumo deadlift. Basic deadlift on back day and sumo deadlift on leg day.
  • bbell1985
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    I do them on deadlift days. Twice per week. Saturday I do them heavy alongside Squat and bench, and then I do them again on Wednesday with bench and either an upper or lower hypertrophy day.

    I think my PR is 290 or 295. It better be 315 soon.
  • its_me_april
    its_me_april Posts: 57 Member
    I do them on one of my leg days. I do romanian deadlifts pretty much exclusively now and really target my glutes and hams. I would just feel odd doing them for one of my upper body days. I don't want to share my PR because it's embarrassing. lol
  • bioklutz
    bioklutz Posts: 1,365 Member
    Right now I am doing deadlifts on Back, Biceps, Butt & ABS day. Then I do RDL on Legs, Butt & ABS day.