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  • ZoneFive
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    Last July-ish I bought new hiking gear. Well, a few weekends ago I went hiking and when I put my favorite pair of pants on over my thermal leggings (hazards of hiking in Wisconsin in February) they were a bit loose. Didn't seem too bad and I was happy at the sign of weight loss. I got ready as usual. Well, unfortunately (fortunately?!) they were far looser than I thought and kept sliding right off my bum withing minutes of getting on the trail! I ended up having to use my emergency para-cord bracelet as a makeshift belt because there was no way I was getting through that 13.2 mile hike with those pants!

    If only I could afford new REI hiking pants! :s

    Hold out for one of their garage sales. I've seen some good hiking pants on sale but haven't bought any yet.
  • alteredsteve175
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    NanP135 wrote: »
    Was able to back squat 185 pounds tonight, improved PR by 20 pounds

    Nice bump on the PR, Nan. All your efforts are paying off!

  • whosshe
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    My back boobs are gone. My back is still fat, but it doesn't bulge out under my bra. My "B" belly only looks like a "B" when looking at me from the side, the sides of the top part of the "B" don't stick out anymore. They still stick out at the bottom, which is where I'd been measuring my hips at - right below my waist, but not as much.

    I'm more like a rectangle right now from the front than an overflowing hourglass, and I couldn't be MORE thrilled.

    I can now feel the thing on the end of my thigh bone at my hips. So I have started measuring my hips down there. Is that more accurate? I've been so fat for so long that I have no idea where my hips are! The widest part of my body was about two inches lower than my waist. These hip bones are about seven-eight inches lower.

    Your hips are around the largest part of your butt. Right below my waist has always been bigger than my hips so I had no idea either XD
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