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    @quiltingjaine I decided to watch the video you suggested ("The Magic Pill"). I'm going to make my wife watch this. Sheesh.

    I may be back to full-on Keto by Monday.
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    Round 42
    5/31 Weigh in day tomorrow.

    5/28- Made a list on improvements, eating, exercise and my goals to work on.
    5/29 - Watched my food choices. Ate at home instead of going to a restaurant. Went for a long walk after dinner.
    5/30- Today I was bit of a picky eater. Had a MRI -was not enjoyable.
    5/31-Big improvements in my overall health, starting to feel back to myself, staying active.
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    What are “zero drop runners?”

    Altra brand shoes coined the term - running shoes with heel and toe at the same height for injury prevention and a more natural stride. Altras work for me like keto does for you :wink: and so comfy! Not making much of a fashion statement though :grimace:
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    I'm in again!! Round 15 for me

    Male, 22, 6ft3’ UK

    HW: 135.0kg/297.6lbs (November 2017)
    SW: 130.2kg/287.1lbs (1st Jan 2018)
    R28SW: 124.6kg/274.7lbs R28EW: 123.1kg/271.4lbs (-1.5kg/3.3lbs)
    R29SW: 123.3kg/271.8lbs R29EW: 122.0kg/269lbs (-1.3kg/2.8lbs)
    R30SW: 122.1kg/269.2lbs R30EW:119.3kg/263lbs (-2.8kg/6.2lbs)
    R31SW: 119.7kg/263.9lbs R31EW: 117.6kg/259.2lbs (-2.1kg/4.7lbs)
    R32SW: 117.6kg/259.2lbs R32EW: 116.9kg/257.7lbs (-0.7kg/1.5lbs)
    R33SW: 116.9kg/257.7lbs R33EW: 115.5kg/254.6lbs (-1.4kg/3lbs)
    R34SW: 115.5kg/254.6lbs R34EW: 114.9kg/253.3lbs (-0.6kg/1.3lbs)
    R35SW: 114.9kg/253.3lbs R35EW: 112.8kg/248.7lbs (-2.1kg/4.6lbs)
    R36SW: 112.8kg/248.7lbs R36EW: 112.8kg/248.7lbs (no change)
    R37SW: 112.8kg/248.7lbs R37EW: 110.6kg/243.8lbs (-2.2kg/4.9lbs)
    R38SW: 110.6kg/243.8lbs R38EW: 108.1kg/238.3lbs (-2.5kg/5.5lbs)
    R39SW: 108.1kg/238.3lbs R39EW: 106.0kg/233.7lbs (-2.1kg/4.6lbs)
    R40SW: 106.0kg/233.7lbs R40EW: 103.5kg/228.1lbs (-2.5kg/5.6lbs)
    R41SW: (On holiday) R41EW: (On holiday)
    R42SW: 103.5kg/228.1lbs R42EW:

    Overall loss (start of round) – 31.5kg/69.5lbs

    5/28: (No Scales)
    5/29: 102.6kg/226.2lbs – I’m back from holiday and back at work, managed to lose a couple of pounds too which is a bonus. My goals for the holiday were to maintain marathon training and to make positive food choices, and I smashed both goals! Really happy and somewhat proud of myself although it is incredibly hard running in those heats! Lunches all prepped for the week and ready to roll!
    5/30: 102.3kg/225.5lbs – I’m sat at work hungover. Eurrgh. Positive note my weight is still going down! Meals all prepped and today is a rest day for me so no running or gym.
    5/31: 102.3kg/225.5lbs - No complaints from me, woke up at 6am hoping to go for a run however I still appear to be really tight from the gym on Tuesday. I’ll stretch out and try again this evening.
    6/01: 101.5kg/223.8lbs – Destroyed myself in the gym last night and then decided to run 8km on the treadmill, I must really hate myself… Legs are so tight today, couple rest days would be nice but I’ll be back in the gym tonight.