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    End R41: 117.8

    R42 Goal: 117

    5/28 118.4
    5/29 118.6 Ate terribly all weekend, lots of salty foods.
    5/30 119.2
    5/31 118.2 This up and down thing is going to give me whiplash lol
    6/01 118.2 I started out good yesterday, but by the time I got home from work I was ready for the junk food
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    @back2cute That sounds like a good idea. I'm dying to get under the 162 mark and also have a lot of housework/yardwork to do. So if I'm careful with the calories maybe I can kill two birds with one stone. (Typed that idiom and realized how gruesome it is; guess if I was a farmer talking about crows, I'd feel that way.)
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    I'm putting the Keto experiment on hold because, in a lot of ways, I'm not feeling all that good right now. I'm going to stay at a much lower carb intake, integrating some fruits and vegetables while continuing to focus on eating healthy fats (instead of the crap I used to eat). I'm going to stay away from processed sweets and crappy processed snack foods.

    Age: 46
    Height 5’11”
    Historical SW (January 2015): 245 lbs
    Recent SW: 220.0 lbs (1/14/18)
    Ultimate GW: 185 lbs (and 12% body fat)

    R28 SW = 220.0 EW = 219.8 (-0.2) AW = 220.2 (+0.2)
    R29 SW = 219.8 EW = 214.0 (-5.8) AW = 215.9 (-4.3)
    R30 SW = 214.0 EW = 214.0 (-0.0) AW = 214.1 (-1.8)
    R31 SW = 214.0 EW = 209.2 (-4.8) AW = 211.3 (-2.8)
    R32 SW = 209.2 EW = 209.6 (+0.4) AW = 208.9 (-2.4)
    R33 SW = 209.6 EW = 207.4 (-2.2) AW = 208.2 (-0.7)
    R34 SW = 207.4 EW = 206.6 (-0.8) AW = 206.6 (-1.6)
    R35 SW = 206.6 EW = 204.2 (-2.4) AW = 204.1 (-2.5)
    R36 SW = 204.1 EW = 207.4 (+3.3) AW = 203.9 (-0.2)
    R37 SW = 207.4 EW = 202.0 (-5.4) AW = 203.5 (-0.4)
    R38 SW = 202.0 EW = 196.8 (-5.2) AW = 197.1 (-6.4)
    R39 SW = 196.8 EW = 194.2 (-2.6) AW = 195.8 (-1.3)
    R40 SW = 194.2 EW = 192.6 (-1.6) AW = 193.3 (-2.5)
    R41 SW = 192.6 EW = 194.0 (+1.4) AW = 193.7 (+0.4)

    Total loss (since 1/14/18, but before this round): 26.0 lbs
    Average weight loss per round: 1.95 lbs

    R42 SW = 194.0, SBF% = 15.5
    Goals for this round: maintain current weight (do not go over 195) as I take as break from from Keto. Track my BF% consistently.


    5/28 = 192.2 (-1.8), BF% = 15.5. I got started a little later than usual today, so this might not be perfectly accurate, but it should be pretty close. Last night wasn't impulsive. I'm definitely taking a break from Keto. I'm trying to decide which carb number I should shoot for. I'm thinking 100, but I'm going to do some reading. I wasn't very consistent last round with tracking my body fat percentage. I'm going to commit to tracking it every day.

    5/29 = 194.2 (+2.0), BF% = 15.7. Got a little too "snacky" yesterday. Ate when I wasn't hungry. Allowed myself to eat a couple of things I haven't been able to eat in the past few weeks. Went about 300 calories over maintenance. That being said, as mentioned yesterday, my weight likely wasn't all that accurate when I weighed myself yesterday (weighed myself at the "correct time" today). My goal for today is to remember only to eat when I feel hungry. I tracked everything yesterday, so that was good. I'm feeling okay. This is actually not feeling like a cause for alarm. Rather, it's a signal that I need to be paying attention to how I'm feeling and what I'm eating right now.

    5/30 = 193.8 (-0.4), BF% = 15.6. I was much more under control yesterday. Ate with my macros, no crazy binges, stayed away from sweets for the most part (and slightly under calories). I decided to adjust my weekly goal to 1/2 a pound per week (from 1 pound), as I'm getting pretty close to my goal weight.

    5/31 = 193.8 (no change), BF% = 15.6. I felt like I ate a little heavy during yesterday, but after tracking everything I think I was slightly below maintenance. I had a fantastic dinner that I normally would have completely scarfed in one sitting. This time, however, I ate half of it, I did it mindfully, and I have half of it today for either lunch or dinner (probably dinner). I have basketball tonight for the first time in a week, and I'm going to go to the gym as well. I feel pretty good that I have been able to maintain since putting Keto on hold, particularly since I haven't worked out for the past week. Full disclosure regarding my decision to put Keto on hold; it actually didn't feel that hard to do. While that's generally a good thing, I tend to get into a groove when something is working well, which makes me less vigilant/questioning. I have some questions regarding the long-term health effects of the Keto lifestyle, and I need to do some reading before I get back into it. Can you remind me of some of your favorite Keto resources @quiltingjaine ?

    6/01 = 194.4 (+0.6), BF% = 15.7. I'm not 100% sure why my weight is up a bit, but I'm going shopping today to get my butt back on Keto. "The Magic Pill" was pretty damned inspiring. Played basketball last night and went to the gym, and get pretty good at both. My back signed up a bit, though it feels okay this morning.

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    I know how scary that can feel.
    When this happens to me, I ask myself a few things:

    Am I getting enough sleep?
    Warm bath, some relaxing music, & an extra blanket help me drift off.

    Am I stressed out? Too busy? Anxious? Lonely?
    Then I clear calendar if possible, go for a stroll to release some good-feeling endorphins, and call a friend if I’m lonely.

    Have I been eating a large breakfast?
    If not, I immediately make that change. Studies show overweight women lose more weight AND more belly fat AND have lower blood glucose if they eat 700 calories BF, 500 Lunch, 200 Dinner (if they are on 1400 cal diet) than women who eat typical American pattern: 200 breakfast, 500 lunch, 700 dinner.
    My big ah-ha when I switched to this was to eat some “dinner-y” foods at breakfast which worked great.
    I find this method curbs my lifelong afternoon hunger and huge dinner habit.
    Best part is the increased energy & you burn more of the calories!!

    Finally, I ask myself what is one thing you’ve dine for yourself today. 29 months ago & 59 lbs heavier, I had only one answer: eating out WAS, in my mind, my Self-Care. Now, I focus on non-food self-care. Pick some flowers or eat your breakfast outside on a gorgeous plate from Goodwill!! Bubble or Epsom baths with a fun magazine or YouTube videos!

    You CAN do this.
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    @AJB1014 I came across this site while researching: https://www.viome.com

    They offer testing which is confidential and handled through the mail. Yes, it's spendy, but not a big issue for me since I'm dealing with unexplained physical issues such as small, persistent, and constantly itchy skin rash patches. I've been plagued with this for over 5 years and every doctor I've seen can't explain what it is. They can only prescribe treatment for symptoms. I don't want to live with corticosteroid creams which thin skin yet never cure the problem.
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    @jerier - Thank you so much! I also have patchy skin rashes (although not itchy) that no doctor can explain or cure! I think it may be candida overgrowth - thanks again for your insights!
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    @puddlegoober I wish I had saved the picture of a man who has been doing Keto for at least 30 years! He is in his mid-70’s and looks more like mid-50’s.


    I think those were the first two I found and they both had free recipes. Other places are: I Breathe Im Hungry (IBIH) , Low Carb Yum, and Ruled.me

    Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore and Dr. Eric Westman

    The Everything Guide to the Ketogenic Diet by Lindsay Boyer’s, CHNC

    The Obesity Code by Jason Fung, MD not specifically Keto but discusses many diets and studies. Tells shortcomings of various plans with scientific studies for backing.
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    @puddlegoober THE MAGIC PILL is a real eye opener.
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    @jerier Thank you for jogging my memory! It sounds as if you have eczema, something I’ve had for over 40 years. The doctor originally said it was stress related and I later learned it could be due to allergies. I just realized I haven’t had any patches of dry itchy skin since I started Keto! I don’t know which eliminated thing it was but another reason for me to stick with it!