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Do you exercise because you enjoy it or so you can eat more?



  • GOT_Obsessed
    GOT_Obsessed Posts: 817 Member
    I started so I could eat more, now I feel yucky if I don't move around enough in some way every day. It might be a lot of walking or a class or playing with my kids, but I'd have trouble going back to being a couch potato.

    True dat! I was away visiting family recently and all that sitting around got on my nerves. I went for walks by myself. Before, that sitting around was right up my alley.
  • kds10
    kds10 Posts: 452 Member
    I love exercise...I love that sweaty, wet hair, stinky feeling I get after a great workout...seriously! That is when I feel my best and my most confident. I love kickboxing, hiking, stair climbing, etc.
  • beachbody4l
    beachbody4l Posts: 208 Member
    I never seem to really burn enough to eat a whole lot back (woo an extra 84-117 calories? what a buffet!). So I guess I do it because I don't want to look like a deflated balloon lol.
  • amusedmonkey
    amusedmonkey Posts: 10,330 Member
    I exercise for food, but really like the other benefits. I also do activities I enjoy because I want to be able to eat more food more consistently - I find it hard to be consistent with activities that I don't enjoy without some serious mental tricks.
  • Orphia
    Orphia Posts: 7,097 Member
    edited June 2018
    Hugs and sympathy for your running injury.

    Do I exercise because I enjoy it, or so I can eat more?

    I run and walk a lot because:
    • I enjoy being outside in the different seasons.
    • I see all sorts of interesting things outside.
    • I can pursue my photographic talents when I see interesting things.
    • I can set, pursue, and achieve personal goals.
    • It's let me meet people and make good friends.
    • It gives me Runner's High.
    • I get to go places I've never been.
    • It's cured my back problems.
    • It makes me happy.

    I've never purposely gone for a run or a walk to earn more to eat.

    It's rather the reverse... the exercise makes me want to eat more, as a biological fact.

    Earning calories is a bonus result of the exercise, but not a reason for it.

    Make sure you're not trying to lose too much too quickly, which is the main reason people here complain about hunger.

    If you only have 15 lbs to lose, you should set your weekly goal at 0.5 lbs per week.

    Then read the thread, "Relatively Light People Trying to Get Leaner":

  • tatatato586
    tatatato586 Posts: 9 Member
    for both. ;)
  • nickssweetheart
    nickssweetheart Posts: 874 Member
    edited June 2018
    Frankly, for me, it's neither. I exercise because I feel like crap when I don't. I don't particularly enjoy it, although sometimes I do. It's like preventative medicine for me: I sleep better, I am less sore, and I have more energy throughout my day. It's also good for my depression.

    ETA: except when it's swimming. I swim just because I love it and it makes me incredibly happy. If I could swim outdoors year round for exercise I would.
  • ashxtasticness
    ashxtasticness Posts: 160 Member
    Sometimes I enjoy it, just depends on the day and what I'm doing. I never enjoy weight/resistance training, but usually enjoy walking, biking and zumba! I don't eat more on days that I exercise more, I just use it as a way to see quicker results and feel healthier. I've only been exercising regularly since the end of March and it's amazing how much better I feel and how much easier things are now that would have/did kick my butt in the beginning. As for the deficit, I'm usually far below because of the calories burned during exercise and I sometimes wonder if it is hindering my weight loss, but it has been pretty steady lately so I think I've found a happy medium.
  • como_agua
    como_agua Posts: 213 Member
    edited June 2018
    I can understand this. I'm a dancer. So, I love to dance. I love being active. I love being fit. But, I also struggle with injuries, and that can definitely be a drain and take the fun out of it. I have to rest when I don't want to. I have to choose different exercise from what I want at times. So, sometimes I exercise because I enjoy it, sometimes I pay the price, I do it for fitness, and because (like you said) I need to have a higher energy expenditure to eat the way I'm accustomed to eating for both my health & enjoyment. I have tried to reduce my calories a bit. And I am more active when I can be. Healing injuries is important. What about exploring different activities/exercise. Maybe you can find stuff you like that's gentle on your injuries.

    i relate to what you say with regard to injuries. i ran for 30 years and danced flamenco for 20 and knee injuries have forced me to stop because of arthritis and bone on bone issues *sigh*. now i have to walk or recumbent bike - and even that can be tricky! i love being active and like you - i've over done things for the pleasure of movement and suffered the consequences. i hear you! now i do things like qi gong which are still beneficial for movement on a daily basis. :)
  • standout00
    standout00 Posts: 128 Member
    A bit of both. Exercise helps me feel good and to get rid of stress, the upset feeling or even anger. It can also calm me down if it's a nice, slow walk.
  • brenn24179
    brenn24179 Posts: 2,144 Member
    gives me something to do in retirement, I also love the social part of it and I am hyper so I need to keep busy and it makes me feel better, aerobics and Zumba with the ladies. Also like biking and walking with hubby, I love doing physical stuff which helps if I only didn't want to eat a lot. At least I am busy.
  • Francl27
    Francl27 Posts: 26,371 Member
    Depends on the day. I like being active, but some days I really have to force myself to do it so I can afford to eat more. I just CAN'T eat at a deficit without exercise, I'm just too hungry to live on 1300 calories!

    Again though, MFP already has a built-in deficit.
  • Candyspun
    Candyspun Posts: 370 Member
    I do it so I can eat more, because I love it, and because it drastically reduces my endo and joint pain.
  • Johnd2000
    Johnd2000 Posts: 198 Member
    I wouldn’t say I enjoyed exercising, but I enjoy being able to do it, after not being able for a few years. The fear of not being able to in future, is quite a motivator.
  • tswkelbris
    tswkelbris Posts: 7 Member
    both, Zombies Run is a GREAT motivator for exercise :)