Show me your side by side.



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    Thank you. Still going. On fifth week of a ten week transformation challenge.
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    Look at you go! You are kickin A and taking names, my dear!

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    Very inspiring, everyone looks fantastic, great job on getting to a healthier weight!

    If anyone is interested I’ve posted my story in the “success stories” with the title “I lost 20% of my body weight in 300 days”.
    Short story:
    I went from an obese bmi of 30 to bmi 23.3 over 10 months (and got my waist back :) ) After a lifetime of sedentary living I now walk, hike, run and swim. I found my true passion for trail running! Been maintaining for about 4 years. The “after” pic is from last week, I’m gonna be 44 years old in a few months B)


    Amazing Job!
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    You look fantastic!
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    Found this old pic from when I lost weight and got rid of my big clothes. (these weren’t even my biggest pants!)
    I went from a women’s US size 18-going-on-20 to a size 10! I love shopping for clothes now! :)


    A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s crazy! I have to say that you were beautiful before your journey and now you have moved in to Hot. You should be very proud. Congrats. You can and have motivated many people with your success story.😊