JUST GIVE ME 10 DAYS ~ Round 45



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    @sue_01 thinking of you with so much warmth. Thank you for sharing your story here. Your courage to walk this one day at a time is an inspiration.
  • Maaike84
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    CW: 82.5 kg (182 lbs)
    UGW: 70 kg (154 lbs)
    GW for this round: as close to 81 kg (178.5 lbs) as I can get but under 82 for sure

    6/27 82.5 kg (182 lbs) - this is actually slightly up from yesterday. Not surprising, as I had a work thing with drinks and also had 2 small but very high sodium fried snacks. Healthy main meals though.
    6/28 82.6 kg - again, really slightly up although I was super strict with staying within my calories. Even weighed my tiny bowl of low-cal icecream for dessert. Gonna chalk this one up to natural fluctuations and/or maybe lack of water - must remember to hydrate!
    6/29 82.2 kg (181.2 lbs) - better! Stayed within calories, ate very healthily, drank tons of water (was peeing ALL day) and killed it at the gym so have trouble walking now :) but I'll take it! Now to not undo it over the weekend....
    6/30 82.0 kg (180.7 lbs) - lowest I have been in a while. We had a friend plus kids over, and I had a couple of drinks, but watched what I ate so I guess the extra calories were offset by the fact that I had a very active day overall... BBQ tonight at other friends, but I am driving so not drinking - hope this will last!
    7/01 82.4 kg - up from yummy BBQ foods. But I did not go crazy so I expect this is mostly water retention. Back on track today!