What's Your Most Recent NSV



  • mebelfanti
    mebelfanti Posts: 326 Member
    @hipari yaaass! you're killing it!
  • tammierlewis
    tammierlewis Posts: 564 Member
    @rheddmobile Great progress! You have done a great job!
  • Kenda2427
    Kenda2427 Posts: 1,592 Member
    aeloine wrote: »
    aeloine wrote: »
    I ran for a whole 2 minutes! Tomorrow I’m going to try 3 and so in until I beat the mental block holding me back.

    Not sure why THIS got flagged and "woo'd".

    Congrats on the run! I hope the 3 minutes turn into 5 and more!

    I didn't push that button, but I thought woo is like woo-hoo! like cheering for the commenter? :D

    Nope. Woo like "woo-woo". Kind of a negative connotation on MFP.

    I always thought woo was a good thing too...Never did I see it as a negative.

  • CommitConquerRepeat
    CommitConquerRepeat Posts: 2 Member
    lyhyl wrote: »
    VUA21 wrote: »
    No underwire!!!!! I lost my boobs along with the a bunch of other fat, went from a 40D to a 32/34A.

    I have never been more jealous of an MFP post than I am of this one. :-)

    So so with you. In my dreams this will happen to me. Haven't been that size since junior high school!Thanks for the chuckle lyhyl and koodos to "no underwire"OP above for the nsv!
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