Garlic Diet

I read something that eating 6 cloves of roasted garlic can be very beneficial to your body and such and promote weight loss among other things. I know you should not eat that my h raw garlic but what do you all think? Has anyone tried it? I might ask my doctor about it in August but I wanted opinions form you all too, especially if you have done something similar.


  • Deviette
    Deviette Posts: 979 Member
    No, garlic will not help you lose weight.

    However garlic is supposed to be good for you though as it's pretty nutrient dense. And it's tasty. If you find your diet is a little bland, garlic can be a low calorie method to introduce flavour. But 6 cloves is a heck of a lot to eat a day. 1 is much more reasonable. Maybe 2 if you have a very garlic flavoured food (eg: garlic bread, garlic mushrooms)