July 2018 Running Challenge



  • marisap2010
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    7/1: 4.5 miles
    7/3: 2.5 miles
    7/4: 6.3 miles
    7/6: 3 miles
    7/7: 5 miles
    7/8: 5.2 miles + 3.3 mile hike
    7/9: 2 miles
    7/13: 3 miles
    7/14: 5 miles
    7/15: 6.5 miles
    7/16: 4 miles
    7/18: 1 mile
    7/20: 4 miles
    7/21: 4.7 miles

    Total: 56.7/85

    Upcoming Races:
    Wineglass Marathon 9/30

    The temperature cooled down a bit after this morning’s storm, so my run at the park was pretty pleasant. There was a random rooster at the river landing which was quite odd, but hey, maybe he enjoys running in the park too!

    @midwesterner85 Your plan is much more intense than mine right now. My weekly runs are shorter than yours, and I don’t have another really long run for another 3 weeks. I’m following a marathon plan (that I modified a little) that is 30 weeks long, so the progression is a lot slower.
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    @midwesterner85 This is the 50k training plan I am following... I do five runs a week, instead of four, which is why I see you doing more long runs than me. I am currently finishing up the week in column 10. Next week, however, I will be missing my weekend runs and the first three runs of the following week because I will be on a cruise to Bermuda. My legs should be nice and rested for another 20 miler the day after I get back, assuming all the alcohol has dissipated by then.

  • 5BeautifulDays
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    Avidkeo wrote: »
    Are there any other running accessories I should have

    I just dropped a small fortune on fancy running socks. They’re a ridiculous price but made the world of difference for me.

    If you’re in the mood to shop, buy a second pair of shoes that are different from the ones you have (either brand or model). My podiatrist recommends having at least two pairs in rotation. The guy at Shoe Science sold me some New Balance for long runs today and recommended a different model for my speed work (I’ll go back when I have another spare $250 or so!).

    Yes, socks. I love Feetures.

    If you do both street and trail running, you could do a pair of trail shoes as part of your rotation.
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    I ran a "quick" 2 miles around my neighborhood yesterday right before I took my kid to go get her drivers' license (she got it, yay!) and then hosted a bunch of middle school girls for a sleepover with my youngest daughter. I didn't get out this morning because of supervising said slumber party, and now it's raining. The weather is rain rain rain all week, but I'm hoping that I'll be able to catch a few dry spots so I don't have to go to the gym every day.


    First off, congrats to your daughter receiving her driver's license! Way to go! Secondly, nice going - finding the time to get out and get some run time in. That's awesome! :)

    Best of luck catching some dry time, so you can get outdoors! We need rain where I am. Fires starting to pop up again. 0_o
  • LaDispute57
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    Looking back over several posts regarding socks and shoe rotation... I usually run sockless, but when I wear socks I go with Balega and during the winter I use merino wool hiking socks. I used to run sockless all winter, but that got a little extreme some times. I rotate shoes all the time and I am convinced it helps me run substantially injury free. I know that I probably have too many shoes, but I don't have to wear the same shoes very often which greatly extends their life expectancy. I also discovered over the years, that unless the sides are blown out or there are too big of holes in the soles, mileage doesn't affect my shoes because they don't have much cushioning to begin with. I have some six year old NB Minimus shoes with over 1,000 miles on them that are still in my rotation. ShoeGoo is amazing stuff...lol
  • AmyOutOfControl
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    Looks like no run for me today. Lightning earlier and now it's windy AF and lightning. One missed run won't ruin marathon training.

    It made me think, gyms should sell day passes. Like I would have paid $5-10 today to hop on a treadmill for 40 minutes. I have read about gyms that do this but I only have an LA Fitness near me and they don't offer that.

    @RunsOnEspresso Do you have a community rec center? They usually have a cheap day pass option. My community rec center is not fancy but they have treadmills, an indoor pool, and free weights. That’s all I really need to get a kick *kitten* workout.
  • T1DCarnivoreRunner
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    @LaDispute57 I'm not following any set plan - I just tried to figure out what seemed reasonable for a quick, yet practical mileage progression. I just re-did the plan to fit around some things, but this is the rest of the year as of now. I am guessing I will need to change some things, especially as the mileage increases and I'm struggling to find time to run that much.


    Yellow highlights are races that I'm either signed up for or going to sign up for. The green is a time when I expect to be very tight on time to run and that is why I have more shorter runs every day. During that time, I will be taking a wilderness first responder course and will be staying on-site with some classroom and some wilderness time both during the day and night. The longer run on Thurs. is because that is a lighter class day with self-study time available and only about 5-6 hrs. of actual class that day. The good part about this is that it will be in a wilderness area. While I may have to do my runs by headlamp, they will be mostly trails.
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    @amymoreorless Nope, there are a few but it would take me 45-60 minutes at a minimum to drive to one.
  • LaDispute57
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    Holy shlt @midwesterner85... You are going to do 100+ miles per WEEK? Ok... You are a separate crazy, like a @AlphaHowls crazy....